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Are syndicate cigarettes worth buying?


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On 1/3/2023 at 12:54 AM, kaishiba said:

When lit they heal 4 Toxin, 4 Burn, 4 Airloss, and 4 Brute per unit.

That's per unit of omnizine. One syndie cig contains 10 units of nicotine and 10 of omnizine. And they seem to last longer than normal cigarettes, maybe because they have more overall content.

I like them a lot! Should you listen to me? No, I am very unrobust.

It's only 2 credits a pack though, so you might give it a shot.

You might wanna light one up before going into combat, so any damage you get will start healing right away. They go into the mask slot though, so you'll need a helmet if you want to hide your identity, and you can't smoke while wearing internals.

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