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FriedrichLindenau - Racial Slurs

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Ban reason: Racial Slur, NWord.
Date of ban: Not quite sure, sometime last year perhaps May
Lenght of ban: permanent, appeal only.
Event leading to the ban: I dont quite remember, but from the ban reason I think that I must've said a bunch of insensitive stuff that probably upset many people.
Reason the ban should be removed: It's been almost a year since that happened and I've been trying to get into playing SS14 again but unfortunately I can't. I'd like to say of myself that I am better now and not the guy from back then.

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5 hours ago, CakeMaestor said:

I've seen apology tweets with more sincerity and thought put out than whatever this is lmao. 

You do not need to insert your irrelevant opinionated two cents onto this appeal. Do not peanut post.

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