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The LRP Roleplaying Brainstorming Thread


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We all know LRP is a hellhole where people powergame, metagame, and NRP (of course I'm exagerrating). Lets think up of some good RPing ideas for people to do so the tiders don't self-antag and instead do positive stuff. Or maybe I'll just post my random ideas here if no one checks the thread out, who knows.

I'll start with one idea of mine: the perma-prisoner rehabilitator. Suitable for anyone with spare time but especially good for passengers, entertainment workers (musician, clown, boxer, etc.), and lawyers. The gist is that once some sad sack of a syndicate agent/shitter is locked up in perma, you (as a non-syndicate) approach either HoS or warden asking them for permission to help prisoners start with a rehabilitation program and give them a variety of activities to do.

For example, the musician can give them several lessons in music and musical theatrics and lend them several instruments and outfits. If a prisoner is a rough-around-the-edges personality, offer him a rock guitar and scrappy clothes to be a punk rocker to channel his anger. Or if the prisoner is a sensitive soul regretful of past actions, give him am acoustic guitar and nice clothes and let him be a melancholic folk artist. It works similarly with the other roles I mentioned: boxers can train them to be professional boxers via workouts, clowns/mimes can cheer them up and teach them comedy, lawyers and librarians can offer educational services, psychiatrists can offer them psychiatric treatment - which with a bit of improv can expand on the syndie's RP character (maybe emotional trauma, ego, etc.), and reporters can report on their life and maybe help co-write a memoir. 

There are many benefits to this roleplay. Obviously, the RPers have things to do - especially the perma prisoners. But I think if done right, a RP like this can help the perma prisoners genuinely learn from their mistakes and evade a ban from the admins. Either way, I think a RP like this can foster a better, healthy environment not just for sec and the service workers, but for everyone in the server as well. 

If you guys have any other ideas, share them below. I'd like to add more ideas in the future. Dasvidanya. 

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I think it's neat to play as assistant and try to get access to a couple of departments. For instance, engineering, the janitors closet, or even med. You can rp a support kind of character that can both help organizer medical, clean it up, and keep the lights on.

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This is actually a pretty nice and wholesome idea. Maybe even have a representative from any department come and explain their job to see if whoever’s perma’d would be interested in the future. Or if they’re just confused and have questions about a job, (I’m looking at atmos), they could have an explanation given to them without having to look at the wiki.

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New (older) gimmick of mine: The Touring Musician

Tired that the sad sacks on the station are too busy to cheer themselves up by visiting the bar (or wherever you are playing at)? Frustrated at the crewmates lack of interest in the arts? Dreaming of the day you'll finally stop being an indie nobody and be a globe-trotting superstar? What I just said must be a bit depressing and close-to-home for some people irl but you can circumvent that by roleplaying in game!

It's simple. You, the charming musician, approach all the heads and ask them if they would like a private dept-based concert. If they agree, play a set of songs in their dept. Announce in radio/comms that you are having a station-wide tour. Leave with crowds of adoring fans. 

You can bring some uniforms to do theatrics like miming a robot and playing 80s synth tunes. Create some props like torches for the audience to use when playing some heart wrenching ballads. Invite the barkeep/chef/botanist/service worker to sell and dispense refreshments. Invite the mime, clown, or even PAI on the tour as opening acts. 

Of course, this RP is heavily dependent on the heads actually being fun and not just focusing on their job (or in sec's case, no because of 'safety' and cos' they are the fun police). Really, don't expect to get approval from all heads. More than half is already good enough to be honest. 

Once you are a superstar, you can probably sell character-themed merch too. Maybe even some bathwater for 1000 spacebucks, who knows. 

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