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How can I help with small niche things in the code?


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I wanna help anyway I can, I thought that adding some new narcotic description would be fun so I modified the file but I don't know how to give it to some one to put it in or if they'd approve it.

Here it is btw:


reagent-name-desoxyephedrine = desoxyephedrine


reagent-desc-desoxyephedrine = Desoxyephedrine, also known as methanphetamine or Hiesenbergium is a potent stimulant with dangerous side-effects if too much is consumed.





reagent-name-ephedrine = ephedrine


reagent-desc-ephedrine = Increases stun resistance and movement speed, giving you hand cramps. Overdose deals toxin damage and inhibits breathing.





reagent-name-thc = THC


reagent-desc-thc = The main psychoactive compound in cannabis, only legal on the gas giant! Causes visual artefacts.





reagent-name-thc-oil = THC oil


reagent-desc-thc-oil = Pure THC oil, extracted from the leaves of the cannabis plant. Much stronger than in it's natural form and can be used to numb chronic pain in patients.





reagent-name-nicotine = Nicotine


reagent-desc-nicotine = Dangerous and highly addictive, Teens have been using this instead of booze!





reagent-name-impedrezene = impedrezene


reagent-desc-impedrezene = A narcotic that impedes one's ability by slowing down the higher brain cell functions. Causes massive brain damage, Almost more damage than the average SS14 player has endured.





reagent-name-space-drugs = space drugs


reagent-desc-space-drugs = An illegal compound which induces a number of effects such as loss of balance and visual artefacts.





reagent-name-nocturine = nocturine


reagent-desc-nocturine = Makes you feel very tired and unable to stand up. Basically, it's bone hurting juice.





reagent-name-mute-toxin = mute toxin


reagent-desc-mute-toxin = Makes you unable to talk while metabolizing, Rarely used but good for those that want to speak to the manager.

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reagent-name-cryptobiolin = cryptobiolin


reagent-desc-cryptobiolin = Not SDA Approved, Cryptobiolin has not yet been proven to do anything other than cause confusion, dizziness and violent depression. Although here at the 14th space station we’ve been able to prove that Cryptobiolin in fact does not cause any effects.




reagent-name-dylovene = dylovene


reagent-desc-dylovene = Originating from 2260s Starfleet, Dylovene is known as a broad-spectrum anti-toxin which is warned by the SDA to cause vomiting and dizziness during an overdose, the SDA had never specified the amount required to overdose and no evidence of a Dylovene overdose has ever existed leading many colonists, colonies and space station staff to believe the SDA had been lying to them. But the government wouldn’t lie to us!




reagent-name-diphenhydramine = diphenhydramine


reagent-desc-diphenhydramine = A drowsy antihistamine that reduces self harm inflicting allergic reaction caused by your body releasing histamine when coming in contact with something you are allergic to, This is known to cause runny noses, skin damage through self harm and skin rashes.




reagent-name-arithrazine = arithrazine


reagent-desc-arithrazine = Originating from Starfleet, this unstable chemical compound causes slight pain to the patient but heals hyperthyroidism and protects thyroid glands by absorbing radiation through antioxidant like properties.




reagent-name-bicaridine = bicaridine


reagent-desc-bicaridine = The chemical compound known as bicardarine was named after the surname "Picardy" in northern France, It is now known for it's ability to hinder internal or external blood haemorrhaging by increasing capillary endothelial resistance and promoting platelet adhesion.




reagent-name-cryoxadone = cryoxadone


reagent-desc-cryoxadone = A super medicine that can only work in temperatures under 170K, The space-cryo-organisation suggests this as a constant life-blood for cryogenically frozen beings.




reagent-name-dermaline = dermaline


reagent-desc-dermaline = Dermaline is a skin care chemical using keratin to gather and group dead skin cells together while it uses allantoin and alpha hydroxy acids to moisturise the inner or outer layer of dead skin cells, forcing the cells to slowly wither and give a smoother new layer. The SDA Recently announced Dermaline might be more effective than Kelotane




reagent-name-dexalin = dexalin


reagent-desc-dexalin = Used for treating oxygen deprivation. In most cases where it is likely to be needed, the strength of Dexalin Plus will probably be more useful. Rumoured to cause a low mental state, Dexalin has a superior version called Dexalin-plus.




reagent-name-dexalin-plus = dexalin plus


reagent-desc-dexalin-plus = Although rumoured to cause a low mental state, These rumours were proven false, Said rumour started via a “Dr. Crusher” who had used an unspecified dosage on two patients that were already on many medicinal drugs. Dexalin plus quickly heals asphyxiation damages with the added bonus of some bloodstream health benefits, much stronger than it’s inferior version, Dexalin.




reagent-name-epinephrine = epinephrine


reagent-desc-epinephrine = A cardio stimulating super medicine made with oil that can resuscitate patients in a critical state by restarting their heart rhythm, Gives an extreme rush of adrenaline causing higher muscular speeds, cramped hands and reduce stuns. The SDA has warned just 30u is enough to overdose on, But if you die from it we can just use it to bring you back! Just kidding, don’t do that… 




reagent-name-hyronalin = hyronalin


reagent-desc-hyronalin = A weak but cheap treatment for radiation, So inferior to all other medicinal drugs just adrenaline could counter the radiation more than hyronalin. Only really good if a patient can not produce or take adrenaline at the time.




reagent-name-ipecac = ipecac


reagent-desc-ipecac = Causes vomiting anything in your chemical stream or stomach that had not yet metabolised.




reagent-name-inaprovaline = inaprovaline


reagent-desc-inaprovaline = A synaptic and cardio stimulation chemical, causes a slow down is heart rate to stabilise the patient thus reducing bleeding while performing as a pain killer. Fairly easy to make.




reagent-name-kelotane = kelotane


reagent-desc-kelotane = Removes dead skin cells over a long period of time, Not recommended due to how slow and weak it is.




reagent-name-leporazine = leporazine


reagent-desc-leporazine = Adjusts inner body pressure at high doses of around 110u and rapidly adjusts body temperature, seems to be negated by cryogenics




reagent-name-barozine = barozine


reagent-desc-barozine = A potent drug that prevents pressure damage. Causes extreme pain and jittering. Very poisonous when overdosed.


Reduces effects of barotrauma and pressure damage at just 2u but causes extreme pain and jittering due to your tissues stretching and sometimes your bones breaking, onto of this you might have a hard time keeping all your bodily fluids in and will have a large amount of blood not reaching the rest of your body, deadly if over 30u.




reagent-name-phalanximine = phalanximine


reagent-desc-phalanximine = A 50 second cure for cancer assuming you metabolise 25u and are at 100 cellular damage, Phalanximine will also deal 2 Radiation for every 2 Cellular. The SDA Regulations demand at least 100u of a high strength radiation blocker nearby before treatment.




reagent-name-romerol = romerol


reagent-desc-romerol = Reverses the effects of miasma-induced cellular resuscitation.




reagent-name-pulped-banana-peel = pulped banana peel


reagent-desc-pulped-banana-peel = Pulped banana peels have some effectiveness against bleeding. Those monkeys know something we don’t.




reagent-name-siderlac = siderlac


reagent-desc-siderlac = A powerful anti-caustic medicine derived from plants that reduces the effects of acidic substances.




reagent-name-spaceacillin = spaceacillin


reagent-desc-spaceacillin = A theta-lactam antibiotic used to slow or even stop the progression of space diseases by blocking Voltage-Gated membrane channels.




reagent-name-stellibinin = stellibinin


reagent-desc-stellibinin = A Natural antitoxin oil with a strong immunity against amotoxin, typically used by 40 year old soccer moms.




reagent-name-synaptizine = synaptizine


reagent-desc-synaptizine = The SDA has banned this substance due to it’s ability to kill with just 2u. But we hate the SDA so it’s still legal here. Although deadly at 2u, at 1u it can remove hallucinations.




reagent-name-tranexamic-acid = tranexamic acid


reagent-desc-tranexamic-acid = An anti heamoragging medicine to reduce blood loss from brute trauma or bloody bad times.




reagent-name-tricordrazine = tricordrazine


reagent-desc-tricordrazine = A multi-purpose stimulator that branched from cordazine, It heals almost everything but very slowly and at a certain point, making other drugs are quicker and easier.




reagent-name-lipozine = lipozine


reagent-desc-lipozine = Causes a chemical lipo-suction by using a secret chemical to convert fat into… umm… you’ll find it in your toilet later.




reagent-name-omnizine = omnizine


reagent-desc-omnizine = A soothing milky liquid with an iridescent gleam. A well known conspiracy theory says that it's origins remain a mystery because knowing the secrets of its production would render most commercial pharmaceuticals obsolete. Consuming it gives a smooth and calming experience as you feel several types of damage and all of your toxicity fade away 4u at a time… ok we may have put a few illegal drugs in here but shush.




reagent-name-ultravasculine = ultravasculine


reagent-desc-ultravasculine = Removes all toxins in the body but comes at the cost of your veins possibly exploding.




reagent-name-oculine = oculine


reagent-desc-oculine = Heals eye damage and gives you 20/20 vision!




reagent-name-ethylredoxrazine = ethylredoxrazine


reagent-desc-ethylredoxrazine = Useful at bars, this drug cancels out the effects of booze. Basically never used though, the last time this was bought was when an admin wanted to get drunk and then drunk again over and over.




reagent-name-cognizine = cognizine


reagent-desc-cognizine = A mysterious chemical which is able to make any non-sentient creature sentient by giving it access to completely reliable and trustable google. Immediately terminate if said being attempts to google “google”, its gotten too smart. It’ll kill us all- run.

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4 hours ago, Del said:

You should familiarize yourself with how Git works.

Wikipedia article on Git

Git's official website

Whatever little Git I used to know is long gone =P

But I'm sure there's good tutorials out there.

Keep in mind, though, the devs may or may not accept your submissions.

i have an idea of what to do, I just need to know. Do I make a pull request or a suggestion or something? I dont know which one to use

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Ah. Me neither, to be honest. I don't know what the etiquette is. You could try a pull request. Maybe they'll accept it. Maybe they'll ignore it. Maybe they tell you to fuck off.

I have the impression that the main venue for discussing development is Discord. I'm not familiar with that, but you could try reaching out over there.

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6 hours ago, Del said:

Ah. Me neither, to be honest. I don't know what the etiquette is. You could try a pull request. Maybe they'll accept it. Maybe they'll ignore it. Maybe they tell you to fuck off.

I have the impression that the main venue for discussing development is Discord. I'm not familiar with that, but you could try reaching out over there.

oof... i uh... im banned...

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im trying, it was perma. just trying to get a vouch but... I got banned from the only server that could for the next 2 weeks, it was over some stupid shit. i didnt even break a rule, i know saying im innocent here with my record of bans sounds like bs but i wish this was a reasonable ban for once.

On 12/29/2022 at 12:33 AM, Del said:

Sounds like ye've been up to no good, Geroge. Gotta work on that first.

Edited by willowthebillowum
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Hey, 2 weeks isn't that bad! A meaningful amount of time, but not cruel.

There's nothing I can do for you, but I'm curious, if you don't mind me asking, what did you get banned on Mining for? It's okay if you don't wanna talk about it.

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  • Project Manager
On 12/27/2022 at 11:13 AM, willowthebillowum said:

I don't know how to give it to some one to put it in or if they'd approve it

You can submit a pull request on GitHub. No prior discussion is required, the reason discussion happen before pull requests is to prevent time being wasted coding something complex that won't be approved, or wasted recoding something to a version that will be approved. Most pull requests aren't discussed prior to being submitted.

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