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MrFumbleFlorpis - Self Antag/Shittery


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SS14 account username: MrFumbleFlorpis 

Ban reason: Obvious shitter. Perma-appeal. Last offence: Killed a guy because "they weren't able to be saved" as non-antag.

Date of ban: Can not remember/Does not say

Length of ban: Perma-Appeal

Events leading to the ban: A scientist or doctor was in critical condition and I thought it would be funny to shoot him with laser pistols, they cloned him and I kept killing him so I got banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: Its been a while and I want to try to play this game again and I remember that I was a dumbass and messing around and if I get unbanned I will no long fuck around and actually play the game instead of trying to sabotage the ship 24/7.

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This account is not the one that you were banned on.

Out of goodwill I will not count your connections this month as ban evasion but the connections from October definitely were and ban evasion is not tolerated on the Wizard's Den servers. You may appeal no sooner than April 14th, 2023 on your original account of RigWorm with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.


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