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Banned for "metacomms"


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Chief_Engineer messaged me in game asking who gave me all access, I told him I blackmailed in character, an RD earlier in game into giving me BASIC aa, no access to heads. I noticed the RD vanished from the game after, I brought it up to the admin saying, I dont think you should punish the RD seeing as it was all in RP. The admin then very quickly assumed I was meta-comming for my deductive reasoning. Even IF (if, I am not saying he did) I got DM'd saying something like "I got banned for giving AA" I dont see how that would be metacomm, because I only told the admin in our message, NOT in rp. TL;DR I got banned for figuring out someone else got banned and brought it up when an admin messaged me.image.png.7ac4382e35a8d30cafd9927fcacd43c9.png

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