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Daniel_Daniel_johnson, first time offense perma ban


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SS14 account username: Daniel_Daniel_johnson
Ban reason: Using a transphobic slur
Date of ban: November 12th(I think)
Length of ban: Permanent
Events leading to the ban: I was bleeding in medical when someone walked into the room with a trans flag. I then said the slur to him and ran.
Reason the ban should be removed: I really didn't think it was that bad and thought it was funny and I'm very sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings by saying the word. I've learned my lesson and I will be more mature.

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Reviewing your chat logs from the day, even ignoring the slur you spent a large part of the day slinging profanity at people and insulting other users. I'm not really convinced that your sense of humor is a good fit for our servers.







This is from your one round from the day you were banned. You never say more than six words at a time, you constantly belittle others and cause problems. If your appeal is accepted here (and we will be deferring to the opinions of the transgender members of the administrative team) the expectation is that your behavior will change drastically from where it was before. Do you have any questions?


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