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Artem - banned for talking in russian on an english server


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SS14 account: Artem
Character name: Jessey Wright
Type of Ban: banned from "wizard's den" servers
Date of Ban and Duration: about 2-4 weeks ago
Reason for Ban: i was talking in russian on an english server
Server you were playing on when banned: wizard's den lizard
Your side of the story: i ran into people that were talking in russian on wizard's den lizard multiple times, i wanted to explain to them that this is an english server and that they need to talk in english, if they didnt understand that if everyone talks in english - then the server is english, i assumed they would not understand any of my words if i were to speak in english to them, i explained it in russian and got banned for that
Why you think you should be unbanned: i usually played on wizard's den lizard, after i got the ban i found a couple good servers to play on, but they either have 80/75 online most of the time, or its a custom game mode, because of this ban i almost cant play SS14 at all. If i get unbanned i probably wont bring back any value, im pretty sure no one even remembers me. As i said before, i ran into people talking in russian, explained that they should talk in russian, most of them said something like "i dont care, i will roleplay as a russian on an english space station" and kept talking in russian, i just continued to play and talk in english, and i am the one who is getting banned (sorry if you did ban them). I want to point out that i did explain it to them in local chat instead of LOOC or OOC, but i understand my mistakes, i will try to avoid them as much as possible

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