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Ban Appeal


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SS14 account: Robes
Character name: Lark Dalxtrey
Type of Ban:  Game
Date of Ban and Duration: 11/12/22
Reason for Ban: Borderline ERP for insulting an individual and rules lawyering
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den West
Your side of the story: I used the word "cock" and the act of fellatio as an insult directed at a secoff arresting my character. After being talked to for what I perceived to be a long time through questions about an my in game behavior by an admin, I told them that I didn't appreciate that I was being asked questions rather just being told what I did wrong. I apologize for getting testy, but it seemed to me like the person I was talking to was looking more for some sort of reaction from me than to actually address the rule-breaking behavior. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I mistakenly committed a minor offense with RP context, was willing to admit my wrongdoing and do better, but was banned from what I perceive to be personal tension for not being acceptably nice enough to the admin talking to me. I am an active player of the server and don't regularly cause in game problems, I don't feel like an indefinite ban fits the crime of a relatively tame offhanded obscenity in an agitated RP scenario.

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On 12/12/2022 at 7:09 AM, Emisse said:


FYI appeal bans are meant so that you can explain on the forums what happened. It's not an indefinite ban. Standard procedure for any ban containing something that could be construed as ERP. 

The message says "appeal only" so I assumed that it was indefinite until appeal. Regardless, I would like to say that telling a secoff to choke on my member during an arrest shouldn't be considered ERP in the same way "fuck you" isn't referring to the literal act of intercourse. It's all insult, not sexual or erotic in any way, and calling it ERP just seems like an admin powertrip to me. It's like being ticketed for going 1mph over the limit, very silly.

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  • Project Manager

Hi Robes,

It's been decided, you'll be unbanned.

Please don't make players uncomfortable, though. There were players that commented on it and such behavior, as a joke- we don't tolerate in the slightest when a player is uncomfortable. You shouldn't be telling a security player something in such manner and making them uncomfortable, that's just outright weird and not very appropriate.

Your ban has been lifted. Don't make players uncomfortable like that again, thank you.


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