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deltanedas - shitter chemist making mecury


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SS14 account: deltanedas
Character name: no idea, now I have character called Mark O Zack
Type of Ban: job ban from medical and science (???)
Date of Ban and Duration: when i started playing, perma i think
Reason for Ban: giving people mercury pills
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story: I thought I was being funny giving people mercury pills (clearly labelled but still poison nonetheless). In hindsight I was being a shitter and not funny.
One guy told me how to make Kelotane so I made it for him, only actual medicine.
Got messaged by admin that I'd been rolebanned from medical, fair enough.
No idea why I'm banned from science though I don't think I've ever played it on any official server.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Ban was fair for a while but now I am pretty good at the game and know medicine very well.
Anything else we should know: It was one of my first games

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