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fatfatGaming - ban for "As CE, killed a clown for pieing them then hid their and many have tried to gib them


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SS14 account: fatfatgaming
Type of Ban: game ban
Reason for Ban: As CE, killed a clown for pieing them then hid their and many have tried to gib them
Your side of the story: when i was playing the game
Why you think you should be unbanned: weld bomb pop up of nowhere
Anything else we should know: was playing the game normaly and ranodmly got pie by a clown i dont like being troll too much tho


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  • Project Manager

Your appeal is nigh-illegible and near-zero effort.

You have betrayed our trust after a week ban by skipping right past trying to play the game proper and proceeding directly to murdering a crew member over them hitting you with a pie, then trying to hide the body, plus spamming the ahelp relay with nonsense.

We strongly believe that if you are unbanned that your behavior will not improve and you will continue to be at least as problematic as you have been. You have already racked up seven notes of various severity including abandoning your head role to build shuttles, sabotaging power/jailbreaking as non-antag, and in general seem to only follow the rules when it is convenient for you or forget they exist entirely.

Because of the contents of both of these appeals, your notes, and your behavior in-game, we are going to take the rare move of exercising rule 0 and upgrading your week ban to an appeal-only ban. General admin consensus is that you will continue to be a problem for other players as repeated warnings, admin contacts, and your general playtime don't seem to be getting through. Also, as Stealth has already pointed out, there appears to be some sort of significant language barrier in communicating with you.

Until you write a competent, well thought-out appeal, you will remain banned from Wizard's Den servers. Do not post additional appeals for two weeks from now.

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