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[arztbosen/arztbosen#8861] - [Stabbing SSD players to death]


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SS14 account: arztbosen

Character name: Previous names I remember: Russell Oswald, Parker Schofield

Type of Ban: Game ban

Date of Ban and Duration: 11/25/22. Permanent.

Reason for Ban: "Stabbing SSD people to death for litreally no reason, fourth ban, go appeal at forum.ss14.io"

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: I was stabbing disconnected players to death.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned because I know I make a lot of mistakes and don't think before doing things.

I understand it seems like I have a hard time learning from my mistakes but I am sure I will be more aware of the consequences of the things I do and not do them in the future.

Anything else we should know: I also want to apologize for what I said to the administrators who caught me beating up a guy near the reporter room.
I should have been more respectful and I understand that you guys put a lot of time into making sure the station doesn't dissolve into (complete) chaos and you don't deserve to be insulted like that.


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First of all, we appreciate the apology. That is always welcome.

Eight days prior to this ban you posted an appeal for a different ban. Since then you have been banned two more times. Once for random murder of another player. And now this. In the past two weeks, you have almost spent more time banned than unbanned. You are out of goodwill here. Traditionally we appeal ban on the third ban offense- you have now had four.

You will need to find somewhere else to play. You can appeal again in a month, but your chances of returning are slim without a voucher of good behavior from another SS14 or SS13 server.

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