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Toesty#0668 perma ban (not) appeal?


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SS14 account: Toesty
Character name: John Badooze ( i might have changed my name too idk)
Type of Ban: perma ban
Date of Ban and Duration: around 7 or 9 months ago
Reason for Ban: This is Ban #8. You are no longer allowed to play on Wizards den per admin consensus. This ban can not be appealed.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard den
Your side of the story: i got banned 8 times on wizard 
Why you think you should be unbanned: I dont expect to get unbanned at all or something like that. Though i find myself coming back to this game checking out  the new updates and thinking about how awseome it would be to play. I am also really happy for the playerbase increase and i think the game is in good hands with you guys. Its been a while since i got my final ban and i can only think about how unique this game is and the good times i had and i wanna say that i am sorry and i think i changed as a person but its too late now.
Anything else we should know: also banned on discord 

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  • Project Manager

As you have already been helpfully informed:

"This ban cannot be appealed" means we will not accept an appeal from you. If you are doing this just to waste our time you can have a forum ban to go with it. This is also disregarding a ban evasion attempt within the past 6 months anyways which would get you denied anyways.

If you actually wanted to play the game it looks like you had seven times to do that before your eighth ban. You are not welcome on official Wizard's Den Servers. Go away. Do not post additional appeals.

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