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SS14 on IOS and Android


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Hello again, everyone!
I have an interesting question, is Space Station 14 planned for the phones? 
Yes, of course Space Station is still only in development on computers, but is there such a plan in 2 years?
Thanks for the heads up!

P.S There are game developers here, aren't there?

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10 hours ago, moony said:

после размышлений я настоятельно рекомендую вам попробовать «Среди нас» на вашем телефоне, возможно, вам это больше понравится.

I read your last thought, and I agree, somehow I didn't think about the fact that mobile games are usually considered timekillers of small time intervals. In principle, you can close the topic, since there will be no other suggestions for your answer. Thank you for answer

P.s I played "among us", and it does not compare with the gaming experience in your game, since there is not the same roleplay and most of the interesting and well-developed mechanics as in space station 14 :)

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