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Ban appeal Thomaswayne-Alt account


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SS14 Account- Thomaswayne

Type of ban- Game ban

Date of ban and duration- 11/21/2022 Infinite

Reason for ban- Alt account abuse

Server I was playing on- Wizard's den lizard

My side of the story- I just made this account it's not an alt my brother played this before.

Why should I be unbanned?- Because I want to enjoy SS14 with it's entirety.

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  • Game Admin

Short answer: No. Go away.

Long answer: We log every one of your connections. In april, you were banned and attempted to connect from a new device. We logged that and made a note of it. Earlier today, we logged your new attempts to connect our servers from the device we noted seven months ago. We also logged your attempts to get around that ban using a VPN. Also, if you've never played before, why would you denote that you were specifically banned from Lizard? No. Go away.

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