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TheEternalJew ban appeal/apology


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SS14 account: TheEternalJew.
Character name: Tori Caldwell.
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 7th of november, perma
Reason for Ban: Official reason for the ban, as stated on the ban screen.
Server you were playing on when banned: Server name. Lizard
Your side of the story: Played as RD, really messed with explosives, gave away some to mage guy (that was 100% harmless), but, most importantly exploded myself in the bridge. Also killed a secoff and didnt even bring his corpse to med for revival. And just didnt perform well in terms of helping/making anything for anyone apart from drugs and explosives. 
Why you think you should be unbanned:  This time i came here with more calm mind and i had some time to think about my behaviour. For me, sci was and is mostly for experiments, but they must not harm the other crewmembers and overall station's productivity and they shouldnt be just explosives/drugs, there are thinngs sci can do to help the station too. Not only i havent done anything productive and helpful, i've just exploded stuff in the bridge, which is much more harmful than just exploding stuff in sci. Killing secoff (who indeed trashed our mats) was a bad action too (i should have surrendered, and after my time in prison reported him). 

I still think that i can be a productive and polite player in any department (apart from engineering) starting from cargo and ending with sec, having fun for myself and bringing some to others. 

Anything else we should know: So, i do unserstand that if some of my actions werent extremely harmful to anyone, them combined with each other and extremely harmful stuff like blowing up bridge made me first of all, toxic to the stations life, and just unproductive rd/sci member. My apologies for being destructive and harmful to other players, wasting staff's time on my almost toxic unban appeal. 

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Hey TheEternalJew,

You have a hefty number of notes on your account which indicate you are frequently a problem player and should know better. You have notes for, in short:

  • Antagonizing or killing security for no reason
  • Breaking lights/welderbombing
  • Cargonia
  • Assisting the clown in self-antagging the HoP and security
  • Walling off departments as the clown
  • Forcefeeding people mislabeled spacedrugs pills

This does not even cover the offense of this appeal which was blatant and continued grief as the Research Director, and then bragging about it in OOC at the end of the round and wondering why you didn't get banned.

Admin consensus is to unanimously deny this appeal. Appeal again in a month (12/26/22), though it is strongly suggested that you get a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server to help your case.

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