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Missed a rule in the server nyanotrasen.moe and is now paying the price for it please help


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SS14 account: Buuthedragoon
Character name: Bobby
Type of Ban: It says illiterate, but I don't think that's a type of ban.
Date of Ban and Duration: Tuesday, November 15, permanent ban.
Reason for Ban: illiterate,
The server you were playing on when banned: www.nyanotrasen.moe
Your side of the story: I decided for my new character's story, a killer lurking in the shadows. But uh when I killed about one person an admin contacted me... I sent back that I don't remember any killing in the rule book. But... little did I know I was very wrong. After getting banned I decided to check the rulebook. And I saw it as the rule that made me get banned... I felt so bad but I was too far gone UNTIL I realized I can appeal it! And have a second chance to RP and not be a killer.

So please im new to this game im a fan of the game barotrauma and my friends said this game was a bit inspired by this. I like being a bartender its fun and I get to talk with people with different servers. I looked at all the closed appeals worrying this is just going to be another one of them, but I still have a bit of hope.

to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it.
Anything else we should know: I accidentally broke another rule: "after being cloned you are not allowed to remember your past life" I'm sorry for missing this rule.
appeal, include it here.

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