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unban request and apology


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SS14 account: Jimbob14
Character name: this was a long time ago I cannot remember
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: somewhere around July and permanent
Reason for Ban: random murder of station animals and escalation of the crew
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story: i was being a dick for shits and giggles and i got banned 
Why you think you should be unbanned: it has been about 6 or 9 months since I was banned and I think I deserve a second chance if not that's fine.
if i do get unbanned i will try my best to read the rules thoroughly and be a good member of society. this ban was a good choice and i agree why i was banned 
Anything else we should know: i am very deeply sorry for what i have done and it has been a long time so can i please get a second chance

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