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Hello. I am running Space Station 14 on Parabola GNU + Linux Libre. It's based off of Arch Linux.

MIDI support used to work fine for me in the past when I installed both fluidsynth and fondfont-fluid.

However, recently MIDI has stopped working for me entirely. It suggests perhaps installing the developer packages of these. But, I've never had to do that before on a pacman based package system. Only ever on a .deb package system; and I don't know how to even do that on a pacman based system.

I've tried reinstalling the packages from both Konsole and Octopi. I was suggested by admin help to try discord. But, it has been some time sense I've used a discord account and I'd really prefer to not have to use discord with this if I don't have to.

Please help if you can. Thank you.

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