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Kukurudznik - Ordering 15 gorrillas and confessing it in discord


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SS14 account: Kukurudznik
Character name: Calvin, don't remember the last name
Type of Ban: Game perma ip ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Like yesterday
Reason for Ban: Bought 15 gorrilas and made a huge scene over self antag
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: Basically I was playing cargo and ordered 15 gorrillas, qm was mad at me for a bit but we figured that out and no one complained OOC, then like 5 hours later I confessed that on discord and apparently I was selfantagin(Even though Idk how buying gorrilas is self antag but sure) and we were talking bout how those who confessed their crimes

should get lesser ban, and I said that if there's no point in confessing it then I wouldn't just tell about it to anyone, and how you can bypass even a perma if you try hard enough(I didn't though) and an admin said I won't anyway cuz I'm getting permabanned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I didn't even break any of the rules I think? I didn't kill anyone, no one complained OOC or reported it during and after round and the whole cargo said they understand(Still kicked me out though). I didn't self antag, I just bought 15 gorrilas ( Which is a part of cargo job and there's no SWP like on corvax where you can't leave cargo with 0$ for example) and haven't done a single point of damage whole round (Except hitting clown for taking my crowbar once) and I didn't even break any of the discord rules and still got a 7 days mute on discord too, and it's also never mentioned that discord activity somehow influences your in-game ban. Even if it was somehow a self-antag or if I did break rule 1 by buying 15 gorrillas - the ip permaban sounds too far kinda, maybe reduce it to like a week or a cargo ban or something.
Anything else we should know: the whole shenanigans happened on round #16597 and the discord admin who banned me is /tmp/moody.

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38 minutes ago, Kukurudznik said:

 and how you can bypass even a perma if you try hard enough(I didn't though) 

This is hilarious because you have most certainly attempted to bypass your ban multiple times after boasting about how easy your ban was to bypass because you had additional steam accounts, and the sole reason you are here writing an appeal is because you were unsuccessful with three different accounts trying to bypass your ban.

Don't bother appealing for six months and don't bother appealing without a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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