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Discord ban appeal (again)


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[no_mad] - [homophobia and racism]

Discord account: no_mad#0260

When was the ban: about a year ago

Your side of the story: I join voice chat to the admin and started joking with him, about America and African man, I thought that he was not offended, because he did not react to my jokes and did not say to stop

Why you think you should be unbanned: I did not want to offend anyone with my behavior, I just want to communicate and, if possible, play on your servers

Anything else we should know: 
Last time I didn't get an answer. at least I'm not a racist or a homophobe, just for the sake of a joke, I started talking about them, henceforth I will not even joke about this topic anymore.
and about the fact that you can't trust me, I'm the head of the Corvax project. I have been working with different people for about a year now and trying to find a common language with them, so I can confidently say that I am not biased against the races of other people


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