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Zophero - Ban Appeal


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Account : Zophero
Name : Dokor Viam

Ban Type : Game

Ban Time 11/3/22 to my knowledge

Reason for Ban : "Bug abuse as antag to resist arrest"

Server Name : Lizard

My side : I was a clown and was going through the normal shenanigans. Eventually I find out the wall glitch bug. I use it to get out of the cell and was intending to make a wizard joke before going back in and ahelping the bug. I was caught off guard when almost immediantly I found myself appeal banned, without being messaged or gibbed.

Why I think I should be unbanned : I feel like this ban had too severe of a punishment. It was my first time using the bug, and I never intended to do harm with it. I also couldn't have explained myself through the message feature, and I feel like I should've had a lesser punishment than an immediate appeal ban. I never wish to use glitches to my own good, as it frustates me whenever someone else bug abuses. I also decided to take a small 2 day break from the game and forums to reflect and rethink the way I play it. I've learned from my mistakes and will be more cautious in the future.
Anything else : I really enjoy this game and its community, and would hate to lose it to such a simple slip up.

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An important distinction here:

You were a syndicate operative who was killed for having a holoparasite and cloned to be arrested. You walked through walls out of your prison cell into the warden's office to taunt the arresting officer. This is not "normal shenanigans". This is you abusing bugs to get an unfair advantage as an antagonist, which is expressly against not only our rules, but pretty much any common convention of rules anywhere. I do not care if your intentions were not malicious, your actions were and that is unacceptable.

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