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Ban Appeal for SNDLS


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SS14 account: SNDLS
Character name: Nicholai Sandalini
Type of Ban: Job Ban
Date of Ban and Duration:  28th October 2022
Reason for Ban: Lying to an admin after an incident as HoS
Server you were playing on when banned:Lizard
Your side of the story: I got two people mixed up, one was a syndie and one was not I harmed the non syndie in medical as he has no brain activity. I was happy to take the ban as it was a mistake.
Why you think you should be unbanned: It's been 5 days since the ban, I'm able to play on the server but not allowed to play in the security role. I would like the job ban gone because I understand what i've done wrong and wish to play the security role more conscientiously 
Anything else we should know: Chief-Engineer was the admin that performed the ban, I'm happy to discuss further if needed. 

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