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I’ve been banned but I’ve reformed in to a new person and am really to join back as a changed crewmate


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SS14 account: Booyakasha
Character name: Jim finlay 
Type of Ban: job ban specifically head ban 
Date of Ban and Duration: I have no idea when I was been banned all I know it was at least two months ago as for duration none was given
Reason for Ban: gave a dude a gun and pointed a hos
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story:I gave a dude a gun and pointed at hos /I was cap
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think  should be unbanned because hos was being mean to everyone and not listening to me and at that time I didn’t think you could just demote a head of course now I know I also have spent the last two or so months reflecting on what I have done I know it was not right or ethical but i truly believe I’ve changed I think I can bring leadership new role play opportunities and help the ship in anyway I can wether it be by repairing keeping people alive getting people there materials arresting sydis or just bringing up moral as a musician 
Anything else we should know:  I’ve truly changed and I hope that you may see that and thank you for reading this whole thing

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This is your third appeal on this specific ban. Your entire reasoning for thinking you should be unbanned is because "the hos was being mean" so you think you should be justified in facilitating his murder. The rest of your appeal is fluff that essentially tries to tell me you've spent two months on a soul searching journey trying to figure out why you're banned.

Normally we will gauge role bans on good behavior and playtime; but after checking your connection history you've only successfully connected to the server three times this month and stopped after 9/29, probably because you can't play heads of staff. Your appeal aside I would not feel comfortable lifting your bans after a mere period of inactivity as opposed to what is supposed to be a period of good behavior.

Also, your ban was made on 9/22. It's been just over a month, not two. These role bans will only be lifted on a strong case from you of good behavior and playtime on the server as you now have THREE bans from command roles which makes me wary of even considering unbanning you.

Appeal again in a month (11/30/2022).

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