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How can I nuke the station as a captain


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The captain is not supposed to nuke the station. Maybe if the captain is the only survivor in a xeno infested station, then it'd be cool, I guess... but even then the admins might prefer sending in an emergency rescue team.

I don't think you can, anyway. You'd need the activation code, and only nukies have that, as far as I know.

The reason why the captain has the activation disk is to make it a target for nukies. They have the code, but they need the disk. Don't think too hard about it. It doesn't make much sense thematically, but it makes gameplay interesting.

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this actually happened to me once when I was captain, admemes were spawning kudzu and making all the trees huge, so they gave me the code and i VERY VERY reluctantly nuked the station. admins spawn it and give you the go ahead and you can kill the station

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