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[stevemcleave#0553] - [Summarized Reason for Ban: i am not sure what the reason is]


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Discord account: it's stevemcleave#0553
Banning admin: i think it was someone named vera?
Ban reason: reason is stated in the picture below, although i'm still unsure of what i did
When was the ban: today at 3:30 PM (my time)
Your side of the story: i'm still unsure of what i did to get banned even though i got accused of trolling and being an asshole? i don't remember ever being mean to anyone and on the contrary i always get ridiculed and made fun of for sharing my ideas and saying general things
Why you think you should be unbanned: i bring no value to the community if we don't count the idea guying that i do, other than that i just watch what is new in server updates
Anything else we should know: there's nothing


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You have been warned multiple times for making extremely rude comments and had not just an hour before been warned for indirectly insulting maintainers stating to the effect they do not “do real work” and in general seem to have no social decorum when interacting with the community. This has been a frequent issue with you.

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