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Ban Appeal for Eikodrag (TL;DR Greytiding too hard)


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SS14 account: Eikodrag.
Character name: Slippery Samuel
Type of Ban: Server Ban.
Date of Ban and Duration: End of time (perm)
Reason for Ban:  ."Powergaming, validhunting, greytiding, history of notes. 2 Bans in last 6 months (really i got both bans in the span of two days after the old one ended)"
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizden Lizard
Your side of the story: 
Was following a guy named Nolan Honker, just did what he wanted. Felt bad for the guy as he said that when the other greys get their insuls they vanish so wanted to do something, i needed something to wear so i wanted to break into chapel for clothing, nothing else. We did so, but a sec guy immediately open fired on us. Which i was questioning as to not asking first. Shooting and confused me a bit as we havent done anything escalative in that regard. Such as actually fighting him or attacking him. And he put one of my friends in crit. Presumably from a flare gun I found nearby and we put him in crit. Had a web vest which i questioned his legitimacy as sec, and kept following Nolan. Before this we hacked into janitors for "Minion shoes" they were galoshes, I didn't know they possessed actual no-slip property, I thought it was some lie i heard ooc (eg. discord) and didnt pay no notice. It was the first time I wore galoshes in the weeks I have spent in Lizards Den so uh yeah.

The first ban I cant remember much but something about me using /shrug in ahelp while greytiding hard, I guess me learning how to hack open doors is a blessing and curse. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: Honestly I just wanna play, I don't mind if I get banned from passenger, having no 'responsibility' as a grey gives me so much freedom than with a department and task to uphold. And as for my ban. I wouldn't mind if it was a job ban, but to  my surprise a full on server ban for that. I didn't even know we were valid hunting, I've heard the term not the meaning oocily, so uh theres that.

Anything else we should know:  Grey

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Hey Eikodrag,

Unanimous staff consensus is to deny this appeal. You have TEN (10!) notes for various rule infractions that boil down to RDM, bad character names, using LOOC to bypass chat filters, griefing security's substation for no reason, generic greytiding/powergaming/looting, and poisoning bar drinks as a passenger, all at the very least. How you managed to go this long without getting appeal banned I have no idea.

The contents of your appeal appear to illustrate to me specifically that you just want to greytide and loot things and do not like the idea of having responsibilities within a department to attend to. Appeal again in a month (12/05/22), though given your history of offenses and this appeal I am extremely doubtful it will be accepted without a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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