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Self-Antag/Ban-Evading Appeal


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To start with, this is technically Two appeal's in one, i think? It makes more sense with them as one appeal to get the entire story from my perspective. 

SS14 account: Slavovski/Waldrop

Character name: Kenzie Lester, I can't recall the one used for Waldrop, all i recall was that it was a Red-Lizard, that's all.

Type of Ban: Self-Antag/Ban Evading

Date of Ban and Duration: 6:21 am UTC-Oct 26 to 6:21pm UTC

Reason for Ban: "Disconnected Connection denied: You, or another user of this computer or connection, are banned from playing here. The Ban Reason is; 'Blowing up +10 people via wielderbombing, dressed up as RD in Cargo.' Banned for 720min, available to Appeal at 6:21pm UTC" "Disconnected Connection denied: You, or another user of this computer or connection, are banned from playing here. The Ban Reason is; 'Attempting to Bypass ban under account name "Waldrop", appeal @ forms.ss14.io.' This Ban is Appeal only."
The Former I am less sure of the exact wording, wetheras the latter I am 100% Certain.

 forms.ss14.io."Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story:
To start this long, long appeal I'm unsure of the EXACT day I created the Waldrop account (Due to not having access to that email address anymore) , however the earliest date I could have made it was on the 19th of July. Not to escape any Ban's (As Admin Kayek said, the Wielderbombing one, was my first ban) but too to create more characters in the customization for Lizard, as at the time (and still now, i think) the Limit is 6 characters. That's it, that's the only reason to why I created the Waldrop Account. I cant recall to which which server I play Waldrop, but its my memory guessing against the Logs. so I wont take up my chances

As for the Wielderbombing, after myself and Kayek got confused on what had actually occurred, they rightfully decided to ban me for 12 hours with a reduced sentencing, which was not given, not that I care much. In detail I as a passenger joined a late match, the power was out, RD was on the floor, i examined him to make sure the player logged out, and my suspicion was correct. I then followed a group of people, wielding the right side entrance to Evac (Split station) as QM told me to. Going to Evac on the Left side and heading down a singloose had occurred, cutting Evac's entrance entirely with a syndie mixed into the crowd. The Announcement came on saying that Evac had Docked with the station and would be leaving in 180s. In my mind the only logical place for Evac to be was in Cargo, and thus Shouted "CARGO" to the 10-13+ people alongside me. with no Magboots and Gravity off it was incredibly slow to get to Cargo. Once there, counting down the seconds, I took out my wielder, turned it on and killed 10+ people in an instant. as stated before Kayek then proceeded to give the 12 hour ban, a reasonable sentence for the self-antag crime i committed. even stating that I'd accept any punishment. At the time I was not thinking straight, which caused as I said before minor confusion between me and Kayek. 

During the early hours of my entail ban, I login into the Waldrop account to play on a Unofficial server. Why I didn't do this with my Regular account? I am not so sure. I missclicked, as i always have the screen in small mode (who doesn't?) and Miskicked into a official Wizard server. I cant recall which one, however the Logs you guys have many clear that up. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: Ideally, no one wants to get banned or have that stain on their account. However I must suffer the actions of my consequences. According to steam I have 412 hours of playtime into this game, I love it to death as it's truly like no other game at least with such a massive amount of player agency. However I feel like a track record of a little over 400 hours on just one game with a single Ban is a good track record. 

Why should you get this opportunity to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it.

Well, I'm no stranger to mistakes, no one is. I had a few cases where I was wrongly accused or doing something I hadn't most by the other players or once by Haddock, who misstook me for someone else who was ghost spamming. I had done other annoying punishable things yet those where just given as warnings and told to not make again, knowing the consequences if i continued to do those things, I didn't do them again. 

As a single person, I highly doubt i have any value to the wider playerbase, especially those who I have not interacted with. The Admins I've had the pleasure of meeting so far, StreakyHaddock, Cheif_Engineer (Congrats with being a fun admin, Gigaian Prayer and all), and Lilithi (With the Captain Fox Syndie killing mission, i cant remember the exact spelling of you username at all, sorry).This Game is built on player agency, once you just want to take your mind off  the real word and just relax and play a game, the other times you just wanna laugh your ass off Killing people as Big Ian in Centom after the round if over. Point being is that I myself have no value to the wider community but as an individual I have value to those who I like to have fun with. 

The First Ban, entirely justified no question or debate about that. the Second one is unjustified as I had created the Account prior to any bans at the time or in sight. its understanble how from an Admin's perspective the ban is justified, using an alt to bypass a Ban, which... again was not my intention in the slightest. 

Anything else we should know: If you have anything else you feel is relevant to your
appeal, include it here. Mistakes are alright, have fun when its harmless, Pet ian always, Dont ruin other peoples fun. To whoever reads this, have a good day! :D



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  • Project Manager

Regardless of whether or not you were attempting to bypass your ban by using an alt, having multiple accounts for one person is still against the rules. So even if this appeal is accepted, you will still have to have one of your accounts banned. For the most part, you are correct in stating that Waldrop was created long before you were banned, but that is neither here nor there at this point.

To that end, I do question whether or not you genuinely misclicked trying to connect with your Waldrop account - within 3 minutes of being banned on Slavovski, you were documented trying to connect to a Wizard's Den server while logged into Waldrop. Meaning at some point you had to log out of "Slavovski" and into "Waldrop", or have a separate client setup to log into "Waldrop", and then attempt to connect to a server. Hopefully you see why this would lead me to believe you were bypassing your ban, whether it was a misclick or not.

As the admin who processed the escalated ban, I will defer to the other admins on whether or not this appeal should be accepted. I appreciate your patience in the meantime.

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6 hours ago, Retequizzle said:

Regardless of whether or not you were attempting to bypass your ban by using an alt, having multiple accounts for one person is still against the rules.

How is the act of having a Alt to begin with an issue? And how is the act of me making the Waldrop account months ago irrelevant? 

I digress, as stated in my appeal said that I log into the Waldrop account, with the intention to join a Unofficial Wizard server. I THEN misclicked the server i wished to join, and joined an official Wizard server, as you stated. I understand how from your perspective (and the rest of the admin team) would see how that is ban evading from just looking at the logs themselves. 

Incase the appeal gets accepted, I wish for the Waldrop account to get banned, leaving the "Slavovski" one, untouched in terms of being banned. thank you for you for your patience sir. Hopefully this can be sorted out, have a good day.

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Hey Slavovski,

We are divided, but admin majority consensus is to deny this appeal. After looking through your prior offenses, notes, bans, and ahelp relay of both accounts, there are several times where you have "misclicked" and killed five people or fired on the crew for five continuous seconds. This gives us some reasonable doubt that this is a genuine accident, and regularly having two accounts and swapping between them in the first place is suspicious in and of itself.

You may appeal again in one month (12/05/2022), though a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server is likely to greatly help your case.

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