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1 day - R#1


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SS14 account: Sosa
Character name: Chuna-Reisos
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 1 Day
Reason for Ban: Rule 1 and self antag
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I just don't know the limits for greytiding, I was stealing peoples' shoes because I'd seen someone named Hurricane Shoes Ian do it a few weeks ago. I genuinely believe that my past actions as a mime when I used to force feed drugs and make smoke bombs make my account look much worse than I am trying to be - I am sincerely attempting to tone down and was just having a laugh, once I saw that Dalton was serious, I put his shoes back, I did, however, put an emergency flare in his hand and a cigarette in multiple peoples' mouths. I will take my ban because I understand what I did was invasive, and I believe the self-antagging was for the Void paramedic suit I swiped (the door was hacked open for medbay and nobody was wearing it) which is why I completely understand the ban in its entirety, but I do wish that the admin had spoken to me before presenting the ban, as I had sent multiple paragraphs explaining my position and my remorse with sincerity and it was met with "You have other warnings for this," which again, I understand, but I don't understand the etiquette for "passenger gaming" and am mirroring the limits I have seen previously. That and I'm more than happy to give my stuff back, but I'm acting solely out of self preservation - the amount of times I've seen the station spaced to shit and I'm S.O.L. is countless, but considering it is stealing, I get that it could be considered self-antag. Unless it was the shoes. In which case I don't know I thought self-antag was more like... Killing or harming people. I digress.

I can understand if I was still space drugging people, and the only argument I'd seen for taking shoes is broken glass, considering it happened to me a few times I thought it was really funny - an inconvenience at most, but you can buy shoes anywhere. I even told security as they were arresting him for attacking me that it was warranted, and not to arrest him, they did not listen, which I can understand big time is being an asshole and why I accept the ban, it had a lot of other repercussions that were totally unintended, I just hope it doesn't tarnish any possibility of staying on MRP as once that population is up I'd like to play roles there and I play Lizard with a softer LRP mentality - one that I obviously pushed a bit too far.

If it's the problem that I'm going Passenger and doing this, I will only do these actions with Mime/Clown jobs, and again will take my ban in its entirety if it means I am able to atone for my shitty behavior. Was just trying to have a laugh, I understand that because it was at the expense of getting someone to ahelp may have been where the line was crossed, possibly before that if he was irate about it at all. I never stole anything but the shoes that I did place back, I did not attack anyone, I did slip a few people. I am stating these not as defenses, I am simply stating my side of things, I accept the ban in it's entirety.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I don't, I get it.

Anything else we should know: Just hope that we are able to make good on our previous behaviors, it seems the notes from when I was a VERY early player (never played SS13 and most of my shitty behavior was >2 or >3 weeks in) was a catalyst for this ban and I'd sincerely hoped or thought I was doing better, previous admins have warned me for various infractions, I thought what I was doing was light in comparison to force feeding bicaridine space drug mixtures and was only beat into crit for that. From what I can remember I hit lights as Remi and thought my Chaplain was Syndie, but I was not explicitly stated to, was ahelped, and have not been a shitty pet since. As soon as I got the ahelp I'd already given back the shoes, and I understand that there are notes for us, but I would genuinely question as to if there's a way to have them mitigated, closed/commented on, or have a bit more leeway in terms of how the account looks, because I'm sure I look like an asshole - but I've tried to have my fair share of roleplaying moments and accommodation to admemes and other players, I try to help out as Nukie commander, I do my best not to murderbone as a Syndie anymore since I was warned and go for objectives unless that China Lake pops up.

I've taught people science, medicine/chemistry, how to use batons/handcuffs as SecOff, I'm doing my best overall, Scout's Honor. There's just not a huge guideline to the lore of being a slight nuisance/greytiding as a concept, if you will, and griefing/being an asshole, and I think that varies for end user, didn't think it should be met with an outright ban but I also don't know how much of my actions are self-antag, as that seems to vary in and of itself. I didn't hack any doors, metagame objectives, just took a few sets of shoes for the collection at the bar. I jest, however, it was not my intent and I'd put the shoes back on his counter within a half minute of taking them. And again, if it's because I'm Passenger and not Mime/Clown, or if these actions are just too over the line, I'd be more than happy to correct them. I understand that I was towing the line and I got what was coming and accept the ban. This is not necessarily a ban appeal, but an explanation appeal, to correct my actions and provide further recourse as to not be a nuisance to admins but still act within reason of the Station's wacky antics. I've seen Nolan make Rage Cages that sent about a dozen people to the medbay on numerous shifts and really genuinely thought what I was doing was lightweight.

Anyway thanks for reading, sorry for the essay, just a really fun game and I'd like to not be banned if possible and avoid any future tarnishing of my record, not that that ship hasn't sailed, but, you know. Any *more* future tarnishing. I came to this game from the SSSeth funny pizza arm videos, hence my force feeding and smoke bombs, but have tried to tone it down to just being a minor nuisance - I uhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH have not toned it down enough and will stick to banana peels and soap.

Thanks for putting up with us.

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Sorry for the double post I can't seem to edit my post - I stated "I'd like to not be banned if possible and avoid any future tarnishing of my record" but mostly meant just the latter, again, I accept my ban for going around stealing shit and being a gremlin/goblin, or the shoes, or both, I just gotta know! I don't wanna hear that ahelp sound please no. I stopped /ghosting I thought the job slot would open up! I started observing! I tried to ahelp when I used the CLF3 fog!

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  • Project Manager

Given the circumstances, I don't believe it will be necessary. However, be advised that just for transparency and for simplicity, the account you made the appeal on will be banned from the game so there's no confusion in the future.

To clarify a few points you made though:

I do understand there's going to be points in a round where you'll see someone do something stupid and tread into self-antag behavior, but that still doesn't mean that it's allowed. Stealing shoes is pretty harmless by most accounts, with the exception of walking on broken glass (which does slip/stun players) but I don't believe you had any ill intent with that.

Additionally, considering I have outright made an admeme out of clowns stealing shoes in several games, I don't believe that alone would constitute being labeled as "self-antag" behavior. Sec would be entirely within their rights to arrest you for it, but that's an IC issue at best. On the subject of stealing the paramedic voidsuit, ideally that would be an IC issue as well, but I can see why it would be handled via ahelp in certain situations, especially if the player has a history of being overly ambitious with their greytiding.

With that in mind, I'm going to go ahead and accept this appeal. I think you get the general idea of what went wrong here and why you were banned, and considering it was only for a day you put more effort into conveying that than people who do worse and get banned for longer. The remaining time will be adjusted off and your ban will be lifted shortly.

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