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Dictatorputski#7798 Unknown reason


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Discord account: Dictatorputski#7798
Banning admin: N/A
When was the ban: It could have been anytime from a year ago to now
Your side of the story: As far as I remember (though I may be wrong and would love to be corrected), I left the server over a year ago as I was focusing on university. Recently I tried re-joining and noticed I couldn't accept the invites. I used an alt-account to try and ask why, and was informed I was banned, which confused me as I must not have been in the server when it happened. My alt has been banned too I'm fairly sure.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Unless there is a legitimate reason that I've forgotten or missed, I think it's self explanatory why it's odd that i'm not allowed in.
Anything else we should know: I would like to say that if there is an actual reason, I'll be willing to remake and rewrite this appeal in light of that.

B) yea


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