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Nyanotrasen unban.


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SS14 account: Some_Random
Character name: Walter White
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 1:05pm somewhat
Reason for Ban:"Permian for "Named "Walter White" " "
Server you were playing on when banned: nyanotrasen
Your side of the story: I recently named my character "Walter white" as a joke and i would purely try to go make drugs, and i started the shift as a chef and was trying to get access to Chemistry but we had no HoP so i broke into the office when the power was out, I had two other people with me a mime and a Greytider (aka a passenger.) I had thought if i got AA i could become captain cause we started the shift with no captain or HoP, later on i was captain and the  HoS warned me "btw you can be banned for having Walter white as your name." so I told him "aww, ok well i'll change it after this shift."
Why you think you should be unbanned: I honestly thought that a permaban was unfair considering it was my first ban on that server, i feel like i could've been warned by admin or they could've just said to change it, but at the time i started the shift and was unable to change my RP name.
Anything else we should know: HoS warned me during the shift that my name could get me permabanned and I said alright i'll change it and then like 20 minutes later I'm in the kitchen cause I was bored and wanted food, and I was suddenly banned.

also I would include screen shots of the game but my storage isn't the best so I wouldn't be able to screen record.

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