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Is there any way to discreetly carry or move corpses?

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I find that openly carrying them works well if you claim you're taking them to med, then bring them to the chef and tell them they wanted to be cooked or something along the lines of that. If you're not hiding the fact you have a body I typically wont question it.

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On 10/16/2022 at 2:03 PM, kaishiba said:

You can't put bodies in backpacks.

Although on Nyanotrasen and derivatives (SimpleStation14), you can put felinids in duffelbags.

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theres body bags which are still about as bad as carrying a body, but make you look more professional.

everyone underestimates rollerbeds. if you ask for a paramedic winter coat you can easily get a rollerbed and now your the new paramedic.

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