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Spannerman - Metacomming


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SS14 account: Spannerman
Character name: Aurora Hanford
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Today, Appeal Onlt
Reason for Ban: Metacomming with "Dutch"
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den Lizard
Your side of the story: Me and another guy were RP'ing as clowns, we had been at for like half an hour, he helped me out in prison and saved me by dragging me to med bay later on. We were then running around vents looking for stuff, found a shotgun and went out, soon after he started to drag a Janitor and so I followed him and then he attacked so I did aswell and then I got zapped, 5 minutes later I get a message from the admin "Retequizzle" telling me that I was talking to this person out of game and apparently he had followed us for like 10 minutes, and I have the chat log where I said in game to him "What should we do?" And he said "Hmmm, Wanna do Mischief?".
Why you think you should be unbanned: I do not know that person, i have never interacted with that person before, there is no reason to be banned in such a short space for doing literally nothing except having fun with some random people
Anything else we should know: Nothing, nothing else happened I was just banned randomly and he didn't even listen to my side of the story.



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