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DesktopDoritos, banned for brutal murder of innocent Warden, (expanded due to previous behavior)


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SS14 account: DesktopDoritos
Character name: Sydney Bunten
Type of Ban: Game Ban, role ban from head roles (I will be making a different appeal for that later)
Date of Ban and Duration: 8/26-27/2022, permanent 
Reason for Ban: RDM, previous behavior
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: All I saw was a grenade exploding at my desk, Sec coming in arresting a guy, then I killed him in a blind rage on evac. I was told that the grenade was thrown away from medbay.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe I should get to rejoin as I am a decent and educated player nowadays, I learned from the mistakes of the past (if you don't mind a joke here then, I learned from the mistakes of my dad not wearing a condom when banging my mom. Sorry for this joke) and I want to be a good person in the present. I am willing to accept a permanent ban if I am banned again. Please let me return into the community I want to play this game once more, I'm deeply sorry to the warden I killed and the people I was made at. Also R.I.P Queen Elizabeth O7
Anything else we should know: I request if someone knows the warden to tell me, I want to apologise.

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On August 19th you were banned for creating and detonating multiple Lexorin bombs as a head role. You appealed that ban successfully here, on August 22nd. Four days later you have this incident, where you beat the warden to death for revenge because he blew up your desk on accident saving another player, and you decided to kill them on the shuttle prior to round end. Due to your history of killing players for no reason, and your hits in our internal relay asking for permission to be an antag (multiple instances of you asking for cargonia/scigonia). It looks like you're just looking for excuses to murder people. 

3 hours ago, DesktopDoritos said:

 I believe I should get to rejoin as I am a decent and educated player nowadays

I am interested in this section of your appeal. Have you been playing somewhere else?


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By educated and decent player I mean I've read over multiple MULTIPLE things around as well as reviewing my mistakes and thinking of ways to improve them. ALSO I don't ask for the gonia's because I want murder, I want to LARP as a countries men for cargonia, hell the 1 time cargonia happened i didn't even get a kill, I got hospitalized, also if I WAS trying to find excess players to kill don't you think I would scale up the attacks, I know a lot about the science field, I already got my punishment for the lexorin bomb, this is different, only 1 death, I believe I should be able to return to the community, even if that means keeping me job banned from head roles

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Hey DesktopDoritos,

Staff consensus is to deny this appeal. You seem to have a habit more frequently then is comfortable of wanting to or actually doing antagonistic activities without being an antagonist. Your defense of "if I wanted to kill people I could just kill people worse then I already am" is not reassuring that you won't continue to be a problem. I, personally, find your vendetta against a Warden who quickly tried to mitigate the damage of a bad situation (trying to do the right thing) aggravating seeing as you caved his head in over a perceived misdeed.

Appeal again in a week (10/8/2022).

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