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NosKRL - RDM as HoS and using an auto clicker to grind role hours (job ban)


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SS14 account: NosKRL
Character name: Thomas Conrad
Type of Ban: Job ban (I think)
Date of Ban and Duration: Probably Around September 1st and I don't know if job bans are always permanent or if they do have a duration until unbanned.
Reason for Ban: I believe I was job banned from Being all commanding jobs for rdming a comfirmed traitor in custody without captains permission as hos and job banned from being all engineering jobs besides technical assistant for using an auto clicker to grind role hours which I did not know was the against the rules. 
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards den lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: There's not really much to explain but ill just talk about what happened in both situations. Rdming as HoS: I was coming back to security after getting a crate from cargo when warden and captain were transferring a man from perma to a regular cell since people were trying to space perma. We sat there for a while and they told me he was a traitor. then the shuttle docked with the station and I asked captain and the prisoner if I could execute him I could've sworn the prisoner said yes but I guess he didn't and captain said "I'm not looking" which I assume that meant yes. so I shot the prisoner dead and we went to the shuttle. Banned for one week and job banned from being all engineering job besides Technical assistant (I think) : I was playing ss14 and I got tired and I thought "if I were to turn an auto clicker on and leave it for a while I could just go afk and unlock hop" so I turned on an auto clicker and went to bed. I wake up and I'm banned. Nothing more to that.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I've been playing more ss14 recently and I'm job banned from the jobs that are actually fun which I now know what I'm supposed to do and not supposed to do now that I've been banned a couple times and I've been playing the game more. I've read the rules again too and I would like to get my job bans lifted. and I don't actually know if I'm job banned or not but what I do know is that I joined the round a little late I pressed play and every time I clicked warden (it was open) it wouldn't let me play the job it did the same thing with hos and engineer so I'm assuming I'm job banned from all commanding jobs, all jobs that have access to guns and all engineering jobs because I could still play security role.
Anything else we should know: I got perma banned for the RDM as HoS and when I got unbanned I used an auto clicker to grind role hours and I got banned for 1 week from using an auto clicker. so those happened on separate days.

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Hey NosKRL,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your role bans. Since these role bans cover two separate infractions and two different departments, they have been ruled on by the admin team separately and will be addressed as such.

Role Ban - Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Chief Engineer - Your original offense here was use of an auto-clicker to bypass the need to accrue playtime in a specific role, allegedly so you could play Head of Personnel.

Let me preface this with the statement that you should have already known that trying to AFK to accrue what is supposed to be playtime is already morally poor form. Then you had enough forethought to program a macro that would attempt to avoid built-in anti-AFK behavior to stop people from doing exactly what you were trying to do, which is morally reprehensible to say the minimum. If you want to unlock a job locked behind play time, you can stand to play a few rounds of the jobs required instead of resorting to using exploits and autoclickers to accomplish this.

The fact that you only wanted to do this to unlock a job with more responsibility (Head of Personnel) instead of actually do the job leads me to believe that you don't actually hold much interest in playing engineering at all. For this reasoning, consensus is to deny this portion of the appeal.


Role Ban - Head of Security, Warden - Your original offense here was performing an impromptu execution of a prisoner on the emergency shuttle before it docked with Central Command, without explicit permission from the Captain, and also without any real reason or purpose besides wanting to kill someone before the round ended. This was aggravated by the fact that you have previously been warned about attacking or disrupting the emergency shuttle before the end of the round.

The execution of a traitor could have certainly been valid with express permission from the Captain, but I take issue with this execution being carried out for no reason other than to kill someone seeing as said prisoner had been arrested for quite some time (long enough for them to be permabrigged and then need to be transferred to a normal cell, and then the emergency shuttle, indicating they were probably at least somewhat cooperative). I find this to be extremely poor behavior from the Head of Security who is supposed to be able to exercise restraint and trusted not to shoot people just because they are able to be shot.

You also explicitly did this before the shuttle docked with Central Command, despite previous warnings to not do exactly that, further eroding our trust on your ability to not violate the rules and be a competent Head of Staff. For this reasoning, consensus is to deny this portion of the appeal.


This appeal and the behavior within taken as a whole and with the investigation into it, it appears to us you have a particular interest in playing Head of Staff roles, most likely because they grant you better opportunity to deal with valids. Because of this, staff has seen fit to:

  1. Extend your role bans to cover all Head of Staff jobs (Captain, HoP, HoS, QM, RD, CMO, CE)
  2. Keep your current role bans on Security (HoS, Warden)
  3. Remove your role bans from Engineering's line-level jobs (Engineer, Atmospheric Technician)

I think it will be some time with a streak of good behavior before we trust you to operate in a Head or Higher-than-Officer Security capacity. These bans will be adjusted shortly.

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