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appel (good template)


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SS14 account: Rusnt
Character name: Emma Marley
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Pernament
Reason for Ban: RDM
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: we was doing the funny with my friend clown we had an idea to steal cargo guns (accelerator gun) we accidently mistaken the engi with cargo (it was poweroutbreak we sneak in with crowbar and tried find room with funny things personel of the engi found us 2 of them so they wanted beat us down i was self defending so i wont get into jail and killed both of them and saved my friend after that we head to medbay to heal me because i was heavily injured after healing we head back to the engi to do no victim runs we killed i think last of the personel it was in total 3 of them in engi (we killed 2 earlier i said and 1 right now) lawyer found us i tried stab him to dead so he wont call sec he had a gun and killed me (thats where my story ends)
Why you think you should be unbanned: i am the funny man a lot of people like me and my jokes itc a lot of peple liked my music i had plenty of them like spider dance, dance of thorns , asgore theme, hopes and dreams, deja vu and its been so long and its not all
Anything else we should know: i am sorry for my actions i promise it wont repeat please unban me i beg you

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2 minutes ago, Rusnt said:

it was accident the killin spree and we not friend IRL

Your killing spree was most certainly not an accident. You chose every step of the way to murder multiple people. That is not up for debate. You do not go on a mass stabbing by accident. The question is, was it justified? 

2 minutes ago, Rusnt said:

like after we started self defend we just decided to keep it going and finish the whole engi

And we can see here that the answer to that is also no, because you just decided to "finish the whole engi" for literally no reason. So now the next question becomes is your appeal good? And in my opinion the answer to that is no as well.

Murdering multiple people to prevent yourself from going to jail isn't ok. Ideally you shouldn't be going to jail in the first place. And the fact that you broke in looking for guns does not speak well to your character. You escaped engineering, went back to medical to heal, and then went BACK to engineering to CONTINUE murdering people. You made the conscious decision to continue to randomly murder engineers as a non-antag, in complete violation of rules 1, 4 and our escalation rules. At no point did you think that you were in the wrong. Judging by your first appeal that didn't follow the template, you still don't think you're in the wrong. Which shows me that you have a fundamental misunderstanding of what this game is supposed to be.

This is not a murder sim. You are playing with 64 other real people who are trying to do their jobs and make a space station run smoothly. You ruined multiple people's rounds for no reason. This appeal is denied and you may appeal again no sooner than a month from today. 


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