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Favourite Syndie Strats?


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Being a good Agent takes some serious work! What are everyone's favourite tips and Tricks for being a Successful agent?

I myself and Partial towards a hitman Route, My Kit usually includes:
- Cryptographic Sequencer - 8tc
- Agent ID - 3-4tc? (Perhaps the most Underrated Item)
- Rest of TC is spent on weapons or Bombs, depending on what I need.

Typically I disguise myself and use the Agent ID to Make a new Identity and Job to complete my tasks and move around the station undetected, if possible I like to hack into the bridge and grab a copy of the caps Access (if they leave the card) or Pull a cheeky assassination if that isn't possible. As long as your true name is never revealed it makes it incredibly difficult for Sec to find you!

I have previously had games where Sec have been looking for 4-5 different people/identities, all of which were me.

For as fun as it is, I have for sure seen some more Effective tactics and would be really interested to hear what you all get up to!

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