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iamafuckingclown-Perma banned for killing clown because it was third ban this month


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SS14 account: iamafuckingclown
Character name: Harry Vendor
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 9/8/2020 permaban
Reason for Ban: "Original ban" RDM, Calling KOS on clown for no reason as non antag."
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I called for clown to be killed for he had taken the ID card machine in bridge, and we did not have one in HOP office
Why you think you should be unbanned: I was just doing what I thought the captain wanted I was a mime, so I was following orders
I help with AME, HOP job, and just working in general. I do believe this ban is fair and I believe I have learned, and I do not wish to follow in this behavior anymore.
Anything else we should know: Cap was late to shift

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Since August you have accumulated five notes for infractions, four of which are actively being a dick or actively detracting from people's experience:

  1. 08-04: Raided armory as HoP, gunned someone down without any real reason
  2. 08-15: Went around with boxing gloves and started beating random players much to everyone's annoyance
  3. 09-05: Trapping other players as a vending machine
  4. 09-07: Murdering several people with a fireaxe as a non-antag mime pretending to be the captain

This also does not even dip into your actual ban history:

  1. 08-24: Spacing people "as a joke"
  2. 09-05: Trapping players as a vending machine
  3. 09-07 (this ban): Calling KoS on a clown for no reason as a non-antag

You have had multiple opportunities to correct your behavior and all of this has accumulated in a month, most of it accumulating in the past two weeks. Furthermore, just because the Captain tells you to do it doesn't mean you should. I don't think you have "learned" after less than three days of getting your ban and you would have been sitting this one out, at minimum, for a week.

Denied. Appeal again in two weeks (09-24-22).

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Since you seem to think that attempting to ban evade under the key "clowningwithfreinds" is a good use of time, this has been upgraded to a voucher ban.

Appeal in six months (03/12/2023) only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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