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AAAAA banned from sci for taking nukie precautions


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SS14 account: AAAAA
Character name: Monte Osteen
Type of Ban: Job ban
Date of Ban and Duration: I think it was 7/9/22
Reason for Ban: I was never informed it would even occur
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: So, I was doing my sci chores of trying to sell things with an annoying cargo who refused to give me an appraisal tool, while also trying to get a bomb to take a precaution for if there were nukies, I was around halfway done when I was detonated by an admin with no warning and the only reason I recieved was around a minute and a half later when they said "that was a not so subtle hint to stop making bombs" while others around me made bombs and went unpunished. Then I continued the round, when the shuttle arrived, I wanted to find some plastic to make another, as to take part in the round end chaos. I never found the plastic and the round ended, now I seem to be entirely unable to play as sci.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I was never informed of the ban beforehand and wasn't given more warning than being killed by admin without any idea why, I admit, I did attempt to make another bomb afterwards, but it was specifically to take part in the round end chaos. I never harmed anyone and didn't even plan to use the bomb unless it was necessary. Along with this, there were others who made bombs right next to me who went unpunished, and I have seen sci make large amounts of bombs in the past.
Anything else we should know: Nothing that comes to mind

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Let me preface this:

Scientists should not be making bombs for no reason anyways, and especially not be making bombs to "use at the end of the round", because that always devolves into looking for an excuse to use it before the round is over and is thinly-veiled powergaming. We have a bad enough stigma right now where science practically exclusively makes bombs, gets bored, then goes out and tests them in the bar much to the annoyance of practically everyone.

You admit yourself that you were directly warned to stop making bombs and especially to stop making bombs for a potential threat of which you had no idea even existed or not. Then, you went and you made bombs again, and your only defense for this is "other people were doing it too". We're not omnipotent and other people breaking the rules does not enable you to also break them, especially not after you were explicitly told to give it a rest.

You also seem to have gotten a ban directly after the science bans for bombing the evac shuttle from Chemist, Scientist, and RD. All this considered I highly doubt that your behavior will improve if we unban you from these roles now.

Denied, appeal again in a week.

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