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context: Hello, I have recently been banned for "arguing" when I said two things, I also got banned for an unjust reason since there was no warning of this, when moving around I cannot open doors as a vending machine so I move people into the doors so they open, then people got angry started attacking me so made them stuck this was only twice, they said that I had been moved  multiple times (deleted)  but in my case I only got teleported / moves (deleted) once and that was after the second time then I stopped then this conversation happened.

I didn't get warned once for doing this prior, the admins weren't clear they warned me then banned me, what's the point of being warned if I'm banned straight after. in my point of view the only time I got moved / teleported (Deleted) was after the second guy, so I'm confused, why they said multiple when they only did it once.

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