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Elmu - As a scientist, I gave pills to consenting players


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SS14 account: Elmu
Character name: Jade Mailloux
Type of Ban: Scientific and Chemist Job ban + 3 days of ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 02/09 around 11 PM UTC, 3 days and perma for job bans.
Reason for Ban: No reason. (The ban reason is: "")
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: 

As a scientist, I decided to work on a "Dragon Breath Pill": the idea was to create a pill with potassium and ipecac that allow players to breathe fire without dying. I then tried my pill on a consenting player: I asked them if they wanted drugs and said that it won't kill them, the player said yes so I gave them the pill.

I then received a first warning from an admin explaining that I can't forcefeed people (I gave the pill by myself after the player consented to it), in return, I asked them if I can give pills to consenting players and the admin answered by "if they are consenting to it" (For me, at this time, the issue was that I forcefeed someone, not that I used a pill that can harm people without killing them, I then interpreted the answer as the fact that I could continue my experiments, but that I had to let the players take the pill by themselves).

But, just to be sure, I changed my strategy when interacting with other players like so: I first ask a potential subject if they want to be a dragon, if they say yes, I explain that he will breathe fire (If the player says no, I switch to another player). Then, if the player is still consenting, I place the pill on the ground and ask him to take it, so they can still choose to continue the experiment or not (At a point, a clown hesitated to try the pill, they took it but before swallowing it, they gave the pill back to me as they was unsure that it will kill them or not, I respected their choice). I then stay with the subject until the experiment is over, in case if something goes wrong.

On top of that, if players were near other players or sensitive objects / departments, I asked them to step back or to move a little: for example, a chef wanted to try that pill but was in the kitchen, I asked them to leave the kitchen so he won't destroy anything, which they did.

After a while, I received another message from the admin saying that they got reports from other players that I kept forcing players to take my pills (I saw someone complaining about that on the radio before and another player answered that they consented and sec left me alone many times despite several secoffs attended the experiment, one of them was even a test subject). I then answered that I put the pill on the ground for people to take it (I probably should have detailed it better, but it was late and I thought it made sense from the first warning) and ask if I was supposed to do my experiments on monkeys only. The admin killed me and stated that I will have a jobban on chemist and on every job related to the Sci department, and that they prefer that I kill monkeys instead of players because it was considered as self-antag. I said that I killed nobody and then, as an answer from admin that even if nobody died, I keep other people busy with my action instead of focusing on the game and their role, so it's considered as self-antag. I then got a three days ban.

Why you think you should be unbanned: 

I apologize if I misunderstood the admin answer or if misinterpreted the rule. I believed that scientists are authorized to conduct experiments that may injure or kill a subject if the subject is aware of the risks and consents to it. Also, even if the pills won't be able to kill someone anyway, I tried to take as many precautions as possible (I stayed with the subject, asked them to move away from other players or important places / objects and always carried a medipen, just in case). For me, the sentence "if they are consenting to it" stated that I could continue my experiment as long I had the consent of the player involved. If the admin had told me directly not to do this kind of experiment on players, I would of course have stopped it right away to do something else that would not hurt other players. As far as I know, nobody died, but I apologize if that's the case.

However, even if I can understand the job ban, I find that a little overkill: this story starts from a misunderstanding and I got a three days ban for something I thought was accepted by the rules and, when I ask the admin for more informations in order to understand why it was wrong and what are the things not to do afterwards, the answer was a ban. (I can understand if they took it as a complaining or something like that, but it was late and english is not my first language so, again, I probably have experessed myself wrongly, I apologize about that).


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I see. But still, my point was that I was doing experiment with consenting players (as I stated in the story I wrote before) which is different than just forcefeeding people without any reasons. I can understand that from the admin point of view, this can appear as self-antag but I just wanted to create interesting roleplay without killing other players and thought that, at worst, I would be arrested by sec and would have been entitlted to a short stay in prison.

Also, when the admin asked me stop, they also said that I can do that kind of RP on consenting players, so I'm kinda lost now. What's the limit ? 

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Hey Elmu,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your job ban.

I think this entire situation, misunderstanding or not, could be avoided entirely if you didn't insist on using other human test subjects for your ipecac/potassium experiments. Using monkeys, yourself, or finding a new project to test entirely, would have probably not resulted in near as many issues.

All this considered, staff consensus is to accept this appeal and remove your role bans for now. 

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