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ban appeal for stevononono-i will not schizopost anymore i promise.


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Discord account: ArcherIn#6573
Ban reason: sharing recipes to bombs and generally being a nuisance
When was the ban: about a month ago in july
Your side of the story: there is no excusing that i was kind of a shitter. it was my first day on the discord server, so i thought i would push the limits as hard as i could to see if getting banned in the servers was as fun as getting banned on the original game's servers. the best way to explain it is "fuelling" an addiction to anarchy where undermining order replaces the self inflicted isolation that having anxiety brings. IRL i wouldn't dare make another person even feel sad, but on 13? it was deeply satisfying undermining authority without consequences like dying/potentially hurting other people. i have come to realise that my actions, while funny in hindsight, are deeply frustrating and shitters are the last thing a fledgling game needs. by being a shitter i actively repulse people away from going online with me.

Why you think you should be unbanned: being honest, i shouldn't. i just need to get a few things verified and you can ban me once i'm done. being completely honest i am kind of a menace and since honesty is the best policy, i shouldn't be unbanned but i do wish to join again, if only to get verified as a 16 yr old

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