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Tried to join but I was banned (Ban Appeal)


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SS14 account: NuclearCorgi
Character name: I wasn't in the game when I was banned. I tried to join the server but it said I was permanently banned.
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: I have no clue when I was banned, but it would have had to be sometime in the last month or 2.
Reason for Ban: ""Need M**** M******" Appeal on forums"
Server you were playing on when banned: Wasn't on the server when I got the ban screen, only saw it after a month or 2 of not playing and tried to join.
Your side of the story: I tried to join Wizard's Den Lizard but it said I was banned, last time I had played on the server I wasn't though. I don't understand the reason for my ban as it appears to be referencing a chat message, even though I didn't say that.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I think I should be unbanned, because I appear to have been banned for a chat message I never said.
Anything else we should know: I was banned while not even on the server.
appeal, include it here.

why ban.PNG

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