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SS14 account:  bed
Character name:  Benedict McDonell Miller/ Paz Ortega Andrade/ Harrier DuBois/ Kazuhira Hamburger Miller/ Snake Plissken
Type of Ban: Whether this is a game ban, job ban...

Date of Ban and Duration: You can estimate when you were banned if you are unsure.

Reason for Ban: Official reason for the ban, as stated on the ban screen.

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: Let me start off, I'm still appealing this even though its a 3 day ban because it's pretty fucking ridiculous to me. I can guarantee that the "r word" does not make people suffer to the degree that people who had it actually used against them for being neurodiversive. It's pretty fucking annoying that I'm being punished for doing something that didn't even harm any player in any way, as these warns and bans were not from reports, but rather from mods simply doing their jobs while checking chat. Then the name thing is fucking insane, I didn't get warned in any way, nobody noticed it in a week because you all suck and haven't played mgs1 but anything other than a couple hours is unjust for a fucking name.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I didn't hurt anybody emotionally, as I said before all warns and everything were directly from mods and not reports, please ban every mod except the guy who banned me for my mgs reference as he's a cool guy now. I've mostly gone over my reasons in the question above so I won't be adding much other than jokes.
Anything else we should know: I'm glad someone got the mgs reference at last though :)

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 14.22.36.png

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  • Project Manager

Hi. Apologies for the confusion, but I'd like to clarify two points here:

- your usage of the r word was indeed reported by someone in-game. Personally, I do not keep local chat enabled as a ghost because it flies a mile a minute and trying to parse out anything intelligent from that requires a level of speed-reading I don't think anyone has. 
- the name portion of the ban actually played no part in the duration of the ban itself. It was simply something I noticed while I was setting the ban up for the initial violation (usage of the r word), and added that in as I was sending you on your way. The three days is solely because of the language used in addition to you having been warned/banned for it previously.

As I was the one who issued the ban being appealed, I am going to defer to the other staff members to make a call on this. You are welcome to edit/revise your appeal as you see fit with that in mind, since it seems to focus more on the naming issue than the actual issue.  I hope this clears up any underlying concerns you may have had on the subject.

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  • Game Admin

We do escalating punishments here. You have been warned not to say it, and banned for it prior. Yet you still haven't learned. 

I would love to know why you think that you weren't reported. Someone definitely A-helped the situation. There is an A-help exactly 3 minutes before your ban was posted. So yes, some of us do review the chats to warn people for saying the slur. However, in your case it was brought to our attention by someone else. To prove that I am not just making things up, I have copied and time stamped, while removing the name of the person who reported it.

That name thing was your warning. The 3 day ban is the escalated time for not learning from your day ban. 

Due to the fact that you think you did nothing wrong, and that you are trying to justify your rule breaking with admins being too sensitive about certain situations. I am going to deny this ban appeal, you can wait out the rest of the time. 


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This is the third time you’ve been told not to do this. If it happens again it will be a permanent ban, no questions asked. I don’t care what your thoughts on the word are. It is not welcome here. If that’s a problem, let me know and I’ll upgrade this ban now and save us some time.

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