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Mr_Fries ban appeal


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SS14 account: Mr_Fries
Character name: Did not make it that far.. before getting banned. 
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 8/9/22
Reason for Ban: " Datacenter.appeal @ forum.ss14.io "
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard
Your side of the story: loaded up space station the first time, created my acct, clicked join on the server, after a bit of tiktok i seen that nothing happened, so i clicked the server again, and was greeted with two tabs of the same server, i attempted to close one, but it took a good second. after it closed, i was then ready to play the game.. AMAZINGLY happy that i would now be able to play Space station 14... only for... my account to be banned... after sitting for a moment and wondering what i did wrong.. i realized.. it was so clear.. as the reason stated " Datacenter.appeal @ forum.ss14.io " so now i am here. 
Why you think you should be unbanned: .... i've been a good boy? 
Anything else we should know: am new to the game, plz be nice. 

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