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Found 9 results

  1. That's it, i can't enter discord server for ask to be whitelisted for RP server. Im using this link: https://discord.com/invite/rGvu9hKffJ This is the message discord gives me: Sorry if it's not the place for posting it. Hope an admin can awnser me. Note: i have the access to the limited test, of course Cheers.
  2. if i run mapping [number] maps/infiltrator.yml then make my changes and save it as a map, nukies spawn in a bacl void. if i save it as a grid the infiltrator does not spawn on the planet. how feex?
  3. imagine a day where no rules count, like a purge on wizden server
  4. The Wizard's Den admin team is requesting feedback on the current rules. This feedback will be useful as the team considers potentially major changes to the rules over the coming weeks. Feedback can consist of anything ranging from thoughts on current rules, suggested changes to them, or requested new rules. Please remember that this thread mixes feedback on LRP and MRP rules, so it can be helpful to indicate which your feedback is specific to. You don't have to read this entire post before leaving feedback, but please read the bolded titles. Some things in this post might save you or people reading your response time and effort. This is not a public vote Anyone is free to leave comments regardless of if they play on Wizard's Den servers or not, but individual members of the admin team are not required to consider any feedback given here. Succinct, well thought out, and informed comments and suggestions will be the most helpful. You are highly encouraged to use reactions to indicate posts that you support rather than making posts like "I agree", which add no new information. Posts which add no new information may be deleted. This post will not automatically lock, but it will be manually locked, likely at some point after a week has passed. The current rules are available at: the "long version" MRP Space Law MRP Standard Operating Procedure in-game LRP rules in-game MRP rules Currently, the "long version" of the rules available on the wiki is typically treated as the actual rules, while the in-game rules are treated as a summary that new players are more likely to read, with the hope that it will be good enough in most cases. In addition to rules, rule clarifications are available at the "Rule Clarifications" forum section. These are intended to be more detailed explanations to close grey areas in the rules that players or admins have questions about. Rule clarifications are discussed and voted on by the admin team, so they represent a consensus and can be cited in ahelps or ban appeals. Due to the volume and detail of them, unlike with rules, players and admins are not expected to read or know about every rule clarification. Please be civil Rules can be an extremely divisive topic due to the wide range of opinions about them. Please remember to remain civil and understand that terms like LRP and MRP are highly subjective. An unfortunate reality with the rules is that it's very likely that everyone will have at least one thing they'd want changed regardless of what the rules end up being. Feel free to ask questions, but this thread is not for rule clarifications Feel free to ask questions about why certain rules are the way they are. I did not write most of the current rules, but I was there when they were written and I will try to answer them based on my understanding of why they are the way they are. Other admins may also answer questions, but please keep in mind that everyone's answers, including mine, are based on their experiences and not necessarily accurate or representative of the admin team as a whole. Official interpretations of current rules aren't within the scope of this thread. This is more about what the rules should be than what they are. Here are some common rule issues to try to keep in mind: The longer rules are, the less likely players are to read them, but shorter rules means they are either less clear or there are less rules. Everyone seems to want shorter rules, but not everyone is ok with reducing the amount of rules, or the detail of them. There is a potential difference between the actual rules and the written rules. A rule might say "use a realistic name", but if that's all it says, then the actual rule definitely has much more details, and depends on what admins consider a "realistic name". There are very few rules that have no grey areas, but not having a rule is not necessarily better than not having the grey area it would create. Generally, every rule added increases the number of grey areas. Each grey area in the written rules creates the potential to significantly lengthen the actual rules. Each actual grey area creates the potential for inconsistencies in adminning. This is a difficult problem to deal with, and likely one that is impossible to solve completely or "correctly". There is a difference between freedom/flexibility and grey areas when it comes to the rules. I have seen people say "grey areas in the rules are good", and that can be true if by "grey areas" they mean freedom or flexibility. Current silicon rules intentionally allow some flexibility in how players interpret "harm", as long as they're consistent as the individual for the round. An actual grey area is when it's possible for two different people to have two different interpretations of the same rule. I think this is bad because it means one admin could think something is fine, while another could think it breaks a rule, and neither is clearly wrong so whether or not you're breaking a rule depends on who is adminning. MRP rules should build on top of LRP rules to avoid players having to remember two completely different versions of rules. Whether or not something is enforced mechanically is typically not within control of the admin team. We can try to control it with rules or we can leave it alone, but we can't force someone to code something and the areas of "code" we have control over are relatively small, mostly just the configs. Here are already planned, though not necessarily set in stone intended future changes: Someone is working on merging the wiki rules and in-game rules into a single version, available on the wiki and in-game through the guidebook. It is likely that the rules will be rewritten to try to put details into collapsible or marked sections, so that the parts outside of those sections are the short version, comparable to current in-game rules, and the parts inside those sections add on the details needed to make the long version, comparable to current wiki rules. Rule clarifications will likely be better linked to from the rules. They may become subpages of guidebook entries in-game and will likely be marked using footnotes on the wiki. At a minimum, the rules should make players aware of the existence of the rule clarifications forum section. There is an interest in making game mode (Secret/Sandbox/Deathmatch) specific rules, but it's unclear if or how this will be done. Ideally, there would be some integration with the game, but the most likely method right now is for the guidebook to have a "core" set of rules, with additional rules for each game mode that needs more than that, so the typical rules would be "core rules + traditional game mode rules" or something. An admin has been working on LRP space law. There haven't been any votes, and there hasn't been significant admin team discussion around this, so LRP space law is not guaranteed to be introduced, but I do think it's likely that it will be to reduce the current grey areas security players experience on LRP.
  5. If there’s any project managers who are willing to do an interview on what creating SS14 is like, @AL_S and a few other members of the Russian speaking community are looking for people to answer some questions for a video. Contacts for communication -- Discord - https://discord.com/users/616677573761433630/ Discord server - https://discord.gg/JgumYtra44 Telegram - https://t.me/cryalsss -- The Russian community loves you!
  6. There is a spelling mistake in the MRP Amendment located under the "Do not use outside information to gain an advantage [Metagaming]" rule. The sentence is, "Being defibrillated will return all your memories expect for the events leading up to your death, being cloned will make your character forget everything since the shift started." My inference is that the word except should have been used. https://wiki.spacestation14.io/wiki/Server_Rules#Do_not_use_outside_information_to_gain_an_advantage_[Metagaming]
  7. The Wizard's Den admin team is requesting feedback on a refactor of the banning policy. This is not a public vote. Anyone is free to leave comments regardless of if they play on Wizard's Den servers or not, but individual members of the admin team are not required to consider any feedback given here. Succinct, well thought out, and informed comments and suggestions will be the most helpful. Comments or suggestions that make clear that the poster did not make an effort to read the information presented here are likely to be ignored. You are highly encouraged to use reactions to indicate posts that you support rather than making posts like "I agree", which add no new information. Posts which add no new information may be deleted. This post will automatically lock after one week, but decisions may be made earlier, particularly if there is no new information being given. The current ban policy is available at: Banning Policy and Admin Policy The current draft of the new policy is available at: Ban Policy Draft The draft is incomplete and is dependent on other changes. For example "the 'Speedy Appeal' saved action" has not been created or drafted yet. Suggestions and comments on incomplete parts of the policy are also welcome. Though significant change is unlikely, it is possible. The goals of the refactor are: Increase consistency of ban lengths for similar offenses. Ban length should ideally not be significantly dependent on which admin is responding. There is a limit to how consistent ban times can be due to the complexity possible in situations. Reduce appeal backlog. Quickly remove problematic players. Allow for reasonable mistakes by players, especially new ones. Allow for reasonable reformation of problematic players. Allow for wrist slap bans, to an extent. Currently a 3rd ban is an appeal ban so some admins are more lenient for things they don't feel should result in an appeal ban. Remain simple enough to use that it is reasonable to reference it when making banning decisions. Admins currently often use the discretion offered to them to deviate significantly from existing suggestions in the current ban policy because often the ban pattern suggested by policy is: 12 hour ban for first offense 24 hour ban for second offense Appeal ban for third offense Voucher ban for fourth offense Permanent ban for fifth offense Existing ban policy also has unreasonable warning suggestions, which are often ignored. For example, the policy suggests a warning for griefing if "the player recognizes [what] they did wrong, and has not had a prior offense within the last day or two", which does not account for people who do not play every day or two. A currently open PR may allow admins to consider the playtime between notes, but we cannot currently reasonably do this.
  8. Wizard's Den Leviathan (US East) has been added as a new LRP server recently. In the time it's been live, it's maintained respectable player counts (30-50) for sustained periods. During these times, it's also had a much lower rate of issues when compared to Wizard's Den Lizard. There are multiple factors that I believe may be contributing to this, but I think a major factor is Leviathan having a different culture than Lizard. To try to create a server with a higher quality of playstyles by maintaining this culture as population grows, I've created the following guide for players to use. This can be applied to any Wizard's Den LRP server, but it will be much more effective if players who apply it all play on the same server, Leviathan. This guide is not rules. Players are not required to follow this guide, not everyone will. Keep this in mind during player interactions, they are not necessarily breaking the rules by not following a suggestion in this guide. All LRP rules apply. LRP is the minimum, not the maximum. Leviathan is an LRP server, but that doesn't mean you can't RP at a higher level. Things like textspeak and OOC IC are not allowed by the rules, but that doesn't mean you need to stop there. As long as you are still doing your job, you're free to do things that you'd only expect to see on a higher RP server. Not everyone will match your level of RP, but people will often raise their level of RP to be closer to yours. Respond IC. Contacting admins to resolve an issue is always an option, but certain issues can also be very effectively handled IC, and handling them IC discourages others from repeating the issue. For example, by responding to people using emotes to bypass chat restrictions as if their character is doing something unexplainable, or by responding to people using OOC terms IC by acting as if they're not making any sense or going crazy, you send a message to them and to anyone watching that it's something that people on the server won't respond well to. Again, these can all be done in addition to ahelping. IC issue doesn't mean you can't do anything. While many things can be described as "IC issues", IC issue doesn't mean you can't respond IC. Minor theft may be an IC issue, but security is still free to respond to the theft, and repeated thefts can eventually justify permabrigging. Minor incompetence is also often an IC issue, but the chain of command has options for dealing with incompetent crew members. Take breaks. This isn't a job, don't feel like you have a responsibility to play. Space Station 14 is a game that's easy to get frustrated in, playing while frustrated will make it much easier to get even more frustrated and will eventually reduce your quality of play, which is counter to the goal of this guide. There's nothing wrong with taking a break from the game, or from joining GHOST GANG! for a few rounds. Avoid grey areas. You shouldn't do things that violate rules like metagaming, powergaming, self-antagging, but to set the best example for other players you should also avoid grey areas. Try not to do anything that's close to a rule issue to avoid giving others the impression that things that would actually be an issue are permitted. Ahelp rule issues. There is currently a much higher admin presence on Leviathan because I've been focusing heavily on it. Despite this, it's not possible to be aware of everything going on. Ahelps are most useful close to the incident, but they can still be useful at any point during the round. Don't feel like you need to stop everything you're doing to ahelp. During the next week, feel free to silent ping me on discord or DM me if you ahelp something on Leviathan, don't include any information publicly other than saying you sent a Leviathan ahelp. I won't always be available, but I won't mind the ping. The Admin Message section of the forums is available if you want to make sure admins are aware of any important unhandled ahelp from a past round of any Wizard's Den server. Shitsec doesn't exist. Don't call security shitsec. Assume every player who isn't playing security well is new to the role, even if you know they're not. While calling security shitsec is a long time tradition in SS13, it's become overused. Many people scream shitsec the moment security does anything. Avoiding it creates a much better environment for players to learn. If security is actually doing something wrong, don't be afraid to tell them, but doing it without calling them shitsec can help stop the term from being so widespread and meaningless. Don't let antags be friendly. Don't be a friendly antag, don't befriend friendly antags, treat friendly antags as hostile. Feel free to ahelp friendly antags, since they're against the rules, but like textchat this is an issue that can greatly benefit from having IC discouragement. Rat kings are a special case and can work with the crew for mutual benefit. Releasing a caught syndie after some brig time and taking their contraband as "reformed" is an IC issue as long as they don't keep reoffending. Don't turn a blind eye to troublemakers. This doesn't mean you should validhunt someone for hacking into the kitchen, or that you need to immediately do something about any issue, but if someone is being suspicious or doing something illegal, try to report it to security. If someone is trying to interfere with an arrest, consider helping security. Be an interesting antagonist. There are much more interesting ways to play antagonist that killing as many people as you can, avoiding unnecessary killing can lead to much more interesting experiences for everyone involved. For example, in one round a syndicate and their reinforcement captured the captain in the brig. They could have killed the captain, but instead decided to imprison them in perma. This choice had a minimal effect on the antags' round, if any, but prevented the captain from being removed from the round. Focus on encouraging behavior that follows these guidelines rather than shaming behavior that doesn't. People respond better to positive reinforcement than to negativity. If someone isn't following these guidelines, but also isn't breaking the rules, blame the rules not the player. Discourage unwanted playstyles by responding in a way that discourages it IC, and by talking about the good things that happened after rounds rather than giving attention to the bad things. Command and Security Command and security players have a much higher ability to impact the culture of the server. If you feel you can follow all of these guidelines well, I'd highly recommend you focus on playing these roles. Due to the difference in culture, these roles are currently much less stressful than they are on other LRP Wizard's Den servers. Confiscate contraband and weapons. Unless there's some major station emergency that calls for it, don't allow crew, especially command and security, to carry weapons that they don't need (spears, bats, guns, etc) or syndicate gear/weapons. Security/command use of contraband outside of extreme circumstances is ahelpable and grounds for demotion/arrest. Confiscate problematic items from prisoners. LRP rules allow security to confiscate "items used to commission crimes or items that prove problematic in possession of the detainee". This means that if someone breaks into an area, security is free to confiscate things like insuls, tools, and welding masks from them. Don't freely distribute department equipment. Random tiders don't need insuls, tools, welding masks, plasma canisters, artifacts, etc. Coordinate with security. Security should be a department, not 5 people running around with stun batons. Security should try to work with other departments to keep them secure, and other departments should aid security when they can, along with communicating issues to security instead of feeling like they need to deal with security issues themselves. Use brig timers. While not completely necessary for good sec play, they set a good example for others, reduce the chance that someone will be accidentally overbrigged, and make it less likely that people will incorrectly feel that they've been overbrigged. Increase brig times for repeat offenses. If someone is brigged for a 3rd time during a shift, permabrig them. This keeps station issues much more manageable for security than having the same person constantly causing issues throughout the shift. Use Space Law as a guideline. LRP has no space law. Space law from Wizard's Den MRP, or any other server, can be used as a guideline for things like brig times whenever it doesn't conflict with LRP rules. If it helps you be more consistent, feel free to do so with the understanding that other may not follow it or may use a conflicting space law as a guideline. I wrote up these guidelines over a few hours while adminning Leviathan, so I may update them in the future. Feel free to share guidelines you personally follow or your experiences on Leviathan on this thread.
  9. the blue alert and red alert sounds were taken from skyrat station, an ERP server for SS13
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