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Found 5 results

  1. Discord account: Kserdas#0355 Date of ban: To be honestly, i do not remember. I guess the beginning of december(?) Events leading to the ban: The story started in 2021 december, several days before the new year. I was playing the truth or dear with my friend, and he dared me to put a nazi pfp, and se a text "conquering Poland" as the description of my profile for a year(until the January). Lets move to 2022 December. I entered the discord server of SS14, and started chatting with people about the game. Several guys noticed my strange pfp, one of them was from Poland. I apologized, and explained to them that i will remove it in 1 month, and it was the results of truth or dare. However, in several minutes the mod entered to the chat, asked "Wtf is a nazi doing here?", and banned me without giving me any time to respond. Reason the ban should be removed: There are 2 reasons. First one is that i understand that it was bad idea to put such a controversial pfp, and i have never been supporting the antisemitic rejime. The second one is that this was results of "truth and dare" game, and i did not have any intentions to insult anyone
  2. SS14 account username: [ALUCARDDUCK] Ban reason: [troll, cutting wires as tech assis+bad name "i have pizza"] Date of ban: [it doesnt say ] Length of ban: [permanently] Events leading to the ban: [i was being engineer assis to get my hours up i had already been whitlisted and been using the name i have pizza when i started nobody said anything for the 2 whole nights i was on met lots of cool people who tought me how to play on my last day i was told to change my name because it wasnt serious my adhd kicked in and i started cutting wires he then bans me because of this i understand that i shouldnt have done that but i dont think it should have been a perm ban and i lost my whitelist] Reason the ban should be removed: [i havent been on in a while and i understand the game a bit more now i know you have to apply to be an antag but i have to be whitelisted again because idk who removed me but i can only assume it was the guy who banned me but either way unban me i wont cause anymore issues and i wont use i am pizza i like this game and so do my friends they dont want to abandon the game cause i got banned but if this gets denied we'll just move on to the next game i guess with respects STAN ]
  3. SS14 account: Pearsool Character name: unknown Type of Ban: Perma Date of Ban and Duration: Unknown, Perma Reason for Ban: ERP Server you were playing on when banned: i know that wizards den has several but i dont know which one the ban occured on Your side of the story: Not sure, i dont play SS14 since it doesnt have as much content as SS13. i know what ERP is but i havent played tried SS14 yet. i let my brother play on my account since he didnt have a pc a few months back. and my pc wasnt hacked so it cant be anyone else. Why you think you should be unbanned: If it was me i'd understand a perma ban except it wasnt me. i know theres no proof but yeah. Anything else we should know: normally i'd write a whole 10 paragraph essay but i dont have much to say. Also if you unban me i then i'll try ss14 on a non russian server and i wont have to beat up my brother /j
  4. i know little english thats way i using translate for this ticket i hope can translate true ( i playing this games for learn english ) i did kill afk player for sacriface but i didn't know it was forbidden i didn't see it in the rules or I overlooked it that's why I was banned for 1 day but when I log in today, it looks like 6 months, my sentence and the explanation part says the following (i used google lens to copy it, I hope it's faultless) -- Space Station 14 Exit Failed to connect to server: Disconnected: Connection denied: You, or another user of this computer or connection, are banned from playing here. The ban reason is: "took you 35 minutes to decide to try and ban evade a 24h wrist slap, enjoy the next six months off and appeal only with a voucher of good behavior at forum.ss14.0" This ban is appeal only. Hetry Don't die! ss14s://zard.spocestation14.io/server -- SS14 account: Pierst Character name: Doran Pierst Type of Ban: İ killed a afk guy for sacriface in ritual Date of Ban and Duration: 1 day but now 6 moth i dont know which true Reason for Ban: "took you 35 minutes to decide to try and ban evade a 24h wrist slap, enjoy the next six months off and appeal only with a voucher of good behavior at forum.ss14.0" Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard Your side of the story: we were in the church, a man was locked in a closet pretending to be God , and I said I would bring a man afk and make an sacriface with a knife, me and other guy cut the afk guy together Why you think you should be unbanned: i've served my punishment, please don't keep me waiting any longer and i found out when the admin told me it was forbidden Anything else we should know: 1 gün men edildim, sonra cezam 6 ay olarak değiştirildi appeal, include it here.
  5. SS14 account: Masonndstuff Character name: Callahan Seed When was the ban: April 15 22 4pm Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard's Den Lizard Your side of the story: I was playing SS14 and by this point had played about 6 games that day and during the last game i played that day i punched a person in the first couple of seconds i left my attack on and clicked on him, he was afk as well, after doing this i walked away an admin exchanged a few words with me i was elaborating on some of the things i said but didnt get to post it before i got a ban for a week Why you think you should be unbanned: i dont know if i should be unbanned or have a shortened ban time however i believe i should be unbanned/shortened because i didnt get a chance to actually explain myself before getting banned and i didnt do a very big offense even if i did get rightfully banned so a week is too harsh
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