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Found 11 results

  1. so i decided that ive bumbled around long enough and put REAL time into working on something i decided to do for SS14 to add something NEW to play with and for people to see *CONSTANTLY* BEHOLD! The almighty powers of someone who has too much time on their hands! The shark species! they have one slight downside other than being a fish (and meaning you have to be VERY careful not to call them fishsticks) and that is because of your dorsal fin you CANNOT use backpacks or duffles. only satchels. Oh and you're very weak to electricity. so best not to work as an engineer. or be around cats. i havent finished working out the whole deeper thing. ive only been working on sprites right now
  2. Bob123

    Space Prussians

    Okay imagine prussian uniforms IN SS14, if we have hetman shit in this game why not prussian stuff? I just want this so i can start the kaiserreich in space :godo:
  3. Recently I've had a bunch of run-ins with rounds being ruined by metalamers, and by the time we ahelp the situation to try and get it under control we have gone too far and have to just deal with the metalame. I thought of a way to combat this, an admin tool called the Uncanonizer. It essentially works like the mind wipers from MIB. It has the appearance and functionality of a red flash and has a UI that sets a prompt to show to players when they are hit with the uncanonizer. For example; Person metagames and calls out rev headrev that would otherwise be uncaught if not for metalame is now in sec LOOC dispute over metalame and how to fix it Too far gone to release the headrev Admin steps in, uses the uncanonizer, and everybody in the room sees a prompt that says "Your mind fogs up, and you can't remember why (headrev) is in custody!" Since the headrev was canonically never called out, they go free Timeline stitched back together by blaming memory gap on SSD or bluespace, metagame incident repaired Yes, wyci, but I have no experience with toolbox and REALLY don't want to learn toolbox.
  4. A while ago I was playing on Lizard, and completely removing a part of medical to move it to a bigger room, it gave me an idea for a new game mode. It goes like this; The entire crew? Engineers. Only engineers. Maybe even CEs. No syndies, no nukies, just engineers. They all have tools, and they all have jetpacks. Everyone arrives on their own escape pod one by one, arriving, getting thrown off (along with a mini jetpack full of an air mix), and the pod leaves all within the span of three seconds, with each pod arriving in a half-second delay (Mid-game joiners arrive this way, too). This is purely for efficiency and lag reduction. Now, all the engineers are floating in space, and some of them have probably already flown onto the station. What's the objective now? Consume. The objective of the minigame is to completely decimate the entire station. Once there are NO grids detected in-game and all that is left are resource pieces and items, the round ends as a major tax reduction victory. I know it sounds stupid, but can you imagine how satisfying and socially bonding it would be to collaborate to obliterate a station instead of it obliterating us for a change? think about barratry! Or even aspid! Joining with your fellow engineers as you take a thirty-minute break to have some fun tearing through a station like a little singulo.
  5. Functionality to the queen would be awesome, it's not that often that the queen can kill the salvo team but when they do and get on the shuttle, it would be awesome if they could lay eggs, have a hive and make a xeno round. One of the main things that I miss from ss13 are the xenos, it would be so cool to see them implemented! Its a big task, but the more variety in rounds and antags would be really cool and is always welcome! Also, please give the alien queen back the ability to drag!
  6. Greetings! As I am studying to become a librarian IRL it's a role I'd very much like to play on SS14 as well, though as of now I don't as it is very empty of things to do except RP and also there is not much in the library that gathers the attention of other crew members (I'm not much into roleplaying playing roleplaying games inside a roleplaying game). This has gotten me to think of ways to improve the librarian role and make it a somewhat more relevant position in the NanoTrasen workforce. Libraries, huh! What are they good for? Why do people visit libraries? Either they like to read for the joy of it in itself (already available in SS14 with a few books that not many people really cares about), or they want to find information that help them solve a problem or improve a skill. Books, and library research, is an asset in real life that I think could be translated into making for an interesting SS14 position. "Book artefacts" - high-tech manuals or ancient tomes that, for example, could be found in expeditions, maints or be researched and have to be researched/explored/translated/interpreted by the librarian in different ways depending on the subject of study (somewhat similar to the xenoarcheology in science). Some could need the use of other books already available in the library for translation etc; some need holy objects from the chapel for holy texts; some food/gardening equipment for cook-/gardening books; tools or other stuff for science/engi manuals; random stuff for general knowledge books; etc etc... The reward for the librarian completing a book research project I imagine could be a small bonus for anyone reading it, either some type of skill bonus, a new skill or a new recipe - relevant to the kind of book researched. Nothing big (mostly, depending on the rarity of the book and how hard it is to research) but still enough to make it worth it to make the crew come visit the library once the librarian is starting to have a decent collection built. Maybe one could even put some kind of timer it has to be in the readers possession for the bonus to kick in (for them to "finish reading it"), so that the crew will borrow the book with them for a while and the librarian have to make sure they get returned... This is a first idea I had today, good enough (in my head at least) for me to post here in case someone who has the wizardry skill to make changes to the game would find it good enough to work on. In case it is doable and well received maybe I can come up with more stuff as my studies continue. It would of course also be interesting to hear if there are other suggestions or ideas on how to improve this role.
  7. Why? Because right now people could be total newbies to the game, have no grasp of the controls or the chat system, roll up to be a nukie commander and cause grief for their fellow Nuclear Operatives. Or be one of those agents who don't even know what omnizine does and need to be explained that they are not the leader just because they wear the edgiest outfit. It's just a total disruption of gameplay, RP and I think there is literally no good reason why somebody with zero (or close to that) experience in the game should be eligible for rolling a nukie role. Especially recently I've had at least 1 member in my nuke-ops squads who had no idea what they were doing. And I am seeing the same opinion from a lot of other people. How could this be implemented? This is just a suggestion, since I feel like simply saying the WHAT without the HOW is a bit unproductive. First; nukie sign-ups should be further split. Right now you can already sign up for either Commander or to be a simple Operative. Add the Agent to that list. Agent is, even more so than the Commander I would say, an absolute machine and often times ends up being the deciding factor of if a squad will fail or go full flukie. If you've ever slowly bled out on the floor while the Agent with a full hypo of omnizine simply steps over your body then you know exactly what I mean. Secondly; add a playtime requirement to all nukie roles. Baseline should require having played at least a small dozen hours of Space Station 14 and to have at least been a Syndicate Agent once or twice. This way you at least get people that probably know how to play the game and they might even, God forbid, know how to reload a gun. Furthermore I would make the Agent role (the Nukie one, not the standard syndicate undercover spy) require having played some time in medical as a doctor and chemist. Again, the Agent is often the lynchpin of nukie squads and is very damn important. And playing that efficiently frankly requires a good understanding of both combat and medical mechanics. This is somewhat of a point 2.5 I am bringing up here; I think it would also be good to add mouse-over pop-ups for all the antag roles. Just a short summary of what one can expect. Lastly I'd just like to point out that everyone has to start somewhere, so I am not expecting every time I get to be a nukie to have a full squad of Sosas ready to just destroy fools. But for God's sake, can we please make it so that my fellow operatives at least know how the basic gameplay works? That would be just great.
  8. Nothing and i mean nothing fucks me off more than the crew going ' shuttle call because detriot ' It happened for far too long and most times we get the map some chucky cheese must be this tall too ride child thinks its fine too shittle because they dont like detriot. News flash i dont like them for voting one of if not the best map in rotation, is it against the rules? It should be
  9. I am writing this message to the developers with a request to add voice chat. This can diversify content and help communication between players. Perhaps this will create some chaos in crowded rooms, but it will add atmosphere. I'll give you an example. The security officer runs after the criminal, in order to shout stop, he needs to stop and write it in the chat. Even if the player writes fast, it will still slow him down. Therefore, I ask the developers to add this feature.
  10. What if you added genetics and dna stuff to ss14? It would be really cool and I can see how many people would enjoy it. you could make genetic monsters to blind monkeys. This comes from ss13. I think instead of it being a role it could be a machine inside of science since it seems sciency. Hope to see it!
  11. When a new round start and you play as the bartender occupation. You get a shotgun to defend the bar, the thing is with the shotgun it's loaded with actual buckshot rounds instead of a beanbag or flash round for example. The bartender shouldn't have access to that and it would be great to replace it or just make the shotgun start off empty.
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