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Found 2 results

  1. I adminhelp a lot. You are probably well annoyed by Discord relay and messages from me. But I am trying to do it in good faith, my interest being all rule-breaking behavior being handled. I also do not adminhelp immediately as thing happens. Most of time, bad thing happens because of antagonist activity and players usually have better things to do than standing still in hallway and making detailed report on event. I personally expect no response from adminhelps. Simple "handled" or "looking into it" are nice. Yet today I got rather rude response. I got critical of admin conduct. And get told to knock it off, not blaming anyone for that. Whole interaction leaves sour taste. So... My list of questions would be: Are players expected to make adminhelp messages over events that happened good while ago, as in, one or few rounds ago? Are admins expected to handle those reports? Attaching adminhelp log as screenshot in zip archive, forum will eat image otherwise. Feel free to edit my post to include image or remove attachment instead if deemed inappropriate to disclose. adminhelping_is_tricky_subject.png.zip
  2. Seeing there this ban appeal with such reason. Myself I live in pretty shitty place with heavy network surveillance done by government. I use Tor whenever possible to mitigate that. When that is not an option (UDP networking, low latency requirements - both are characteristic for multiplayer videogames), I use VPN instead. All for non-malicious purposes. I suggest you start doing /32 IP address exceptions for players willing to use blocked IP ranges, at least when player can confirm that IP is not likely to be used maliciously (as if, shared at random with other VPN service users).
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