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  1. PDAs There is currently no reason for security to use the ringtone feature other than to attempt to unlock an uplink. In attempting to unlock an uplink with the PDA ringtone, security is acting as if they believe syndicate agents are on the station as crewmembers, uplinks exist, and uplinks are unlocked with PDA ringtones. If security can provide an IC reason for these beliefs based on information learned in the round, then they can perform "non-standard" or unusual checks like checking PDA ringtones. An example of when this would be acceptable is if someone claimed they got items from their PDA. "Standard" checks, such as checking if someone's ID matches their name, can always be performed as part of a legal search. Looking through programs like notes, and settings on a PDA is acceptable, but it is a more thorough search than should typically be performed randomly. Security would be expected to have more of a reason to perform this type of search than something like a simple bag check. Headsets The same principals apply to headsets. If security has a reasonable IC suspicion that people are using channels they aren't authorized to, for example, because headset keys have been stolen, headsets can be checked as part of a search. Security shouldn't be searching every single item on a player without a proportional level of suspicion to justify that level of search. Security is free to search headsets more thoroughly if someone is arrested, but should not delay their release or extend their brig time to enable excessive searching. Limitations SS14 is under development and this question is in relation to a relatively new feature. This answer is being given at a time where PDA ringtones serve no purpose other than to unlock an uplink, so an update may be needed should that change.
  2. The goal of zombies is to infect as many others as possible. Power disruption generally interferes with this goal because zombies have to break through doors while crew can crowbar them open, but it may be appropriate in some cases. Zombies may break windows, break barricades, space areas, and break into departments, but should almost always prioritize infecting players that they're aware of. A zombie should generally not be attempting to break through a barricade while an uninfected player is within reach. Zombies are generally free to know the purpose of consoles and destroy them, but should keep in mind the rules about delaying rounds. For this reason, zombies should not destroy communication consoles. With anything zombies do that results in player deaths, including spacing, zombies should keep in mind the "Don't be a dick" rule and their goals. Zombies may space areas, but should avoid actions that result in prolonged periods between a player dying and being infected or revived.
  3. You can use the game's built in ability to bind commands to keys, including for chat commands. Limitations Certain uses of these commands may still be problematic, such as using them to spam.
  4. You can recognize any voice that the game allows you to recognize. If the game tells your character that Joe Genero said something, your character can act as as if they heard Joe Genero say it. This also applies to hearing holoparasites, nuclear operatives, and zombies say things. Limitations This should not be interpreted to allow you to bypass any new life rule or memory restrictions. This is onlly relevant for IC channels, your character is not aware of OOC or LOOC chat.
  5. Supervisors have wide latitude for demotions. Someone can demote anyone under their supervision if they are able to articulate why they believe it is best for the station. IC conflicts can be used as justification for demotions if they are severe enough. On MRP, space law and standard operating procedure cover demotions.
  6. Giving a player an advantage based on interactions in past round or any other knowledge of who they are is considered metafriending. Metafriending players is a form of metagaming and is against the rules. In some cases, being metafriended may also be against the rules, but only when there is evidence that the player being metafriended was complicit.
  7. Validhunting is the hunting of players without a reasonable IC reason to do so. Players do not have to be attempting to kill another player to be considered to be validhunting. Validhunting is covered by the powergaming rules. Non-Security Non-security should generally not be focusing on seeking out, killing, or arresting threats. They can if threats present themselves, or if they are particularly relevant to the crewmember. For example, crew may attack a syndicate they see attacking another crewmember, and salvage techs may respond to a callout of carp in cargo. Certain severe emergencies may make it reasonable for normal crew to defend the station against it, like nukies or particularly destructive traitors. Security It is the job of security to deal with most sentient threats to the station. It is not validhunting for security to attempt to appropriately deal with these threats. Security being overzealous in attempting to deal with threats often falls under metagaming or inappropriate escalation, not validhunting.
  8. Antagonists are not exempt from the restrictions of any active rolebans.
  9. Hey hey hey it's me the berry here with the most important question this channel will ever receive When is it appropriate to escalate a non-violent conflict into a violent one? Examples: Assistant broke into cap's office, stole an item, refuses to drop it and leave. An atmos technician walks into atmos to find someone in a gas mask with no ID in atmos. A security officer is attempting to unjustifiably arrest a bartender for creating moonshine. A clown hops into botany and uses a spade to remove every single plant. Assume that the killing party makes an attempt to get the killed party to medical. Both parties have no way of knowing if the other is an antag or not, and assume that in all cases there are no non-lethal alternatives. Assume as well that none of these people have violated any other rules (besides perhaps "don't be a dick", fuck you clown who removed my corn!) All of these are situations that I have personally encountered in my time playing in the last two weeks and for each one I've seen people who believe that the case was either completely against the rules or was completely safe under the current rules. The hope is that we can find some kind of generalized rule qualifying when it is appropriate to escalate conflict IC.
  10. If someone is intentionally creating kudzu, or a similarly dangerous situation, they can be attacked to stop them, however the attacker will be held responsible for poor assumptions. Normal escalation rules apply if the person is not actively worsening the situation, or if it is accidental. For example if the creation of kudzu is not happening in the moment. Accidental creation of dangers can be treated as a low-level start of escalation. Verbal instructions from normal crew to stop do not have to be obeyed, but those instructions being ignored can further justify physical escalation. Department heads and the captain are typically free to demote people for the benefit or safety of the department or station. Additionally, security can choose to arrest people who create a dangerous environment or problems for the station.
  11. Kzudu is dangerous and extremely invasive, so intentionally making something that dangerous would typically be considered self-antagging.
  12. When a player refuses to play the game, or puts little to no effort into playing the game when they don't get an antag role, they are said to be antag rolling. This typically happens when a player has little to no interest in playing the game when they are not an antag. All players are expected to play through every round they join as a role in until the "natural end" of that role. Players are not expected or required to accept cloning. It is unreasonable to expect every player to play fully through every round they join so, often, there will be no admin action unless a pattern or high frequency is seen. Important roles, like command, are expected to ahelp before leaving, but even here there are situations where this may not be possible so no admin action is typically taken on a first offense. Players should never ghost, suicide, disconnect, or not put effort into playing their role based on them getting a certain role, or not getting antag status. While the goals of these rules can be described with little grey area for what is considered a violation, the fact that intent is a factor and the fact that there are multiple valid reasons that may cause behaviors that look like antag rolling means that the grey area is relatively large in practice and enforcement can be subjective. Players who believe an admin made a mistake in enforcement should appeal and do their best to describe the situation. Common examples of things that may be considered antag rolling: Suiciding or disconnecting near round join, specifically if it becomes a pattern AFKing for long periods of time, specifically if it becomes a pattern As a staff role, building or leaving on a shuttle near round start, or when any important work needs to be done by your department As a staff role, building unnecessary rooms in maintenance, like a maint bar, near round start, or when any important work needs to be done by your department
  13. Unsalvaged salvage debris is not owned by the cargo department, but salvaging debris as other roles just because you have a hardsuit may be considered powergaming depending on circumstances. IC conflicts can arise from others interfering with the savage techs by salvaging debris for personal use or for other departments. Items within the cargo department, including any salvage wings, can be treated as other items in other departments are. Stealing a crate that cargo intends to sell from inside cargo can generally be treated similarly to someone stealing a crate of materials from engineering. Items which salvagers have left outside of the station are not the same as items within the department. It is much more reasonable for someone to consider an item that is in space outside of salvage as "abandoned", even if that is rarely the case. Taking these items can still result in IC conflicts. Unlike taking items directly from the salvage debris, taking these items can be treated as stealing from a person or from the department, but not to the same degree as stealing directly from a person or items within the department.
  14. Admins are able to make anyone an antag and there are multiple other ways that antags can get a role that can't typically be a round start antag. Regardless of if a role can naturally be an antag, players who act as antags can and should be treated as antags IC.
  15. Brunuas

    Metagaming rule

    so i wanted to introduce a friend of mine to the game and i was wondering if it counted as metagaming if i guided them on how to play the game while in a call with them.
  16. Escalation rules generally allow anyone, including non-antags, to respond with equal force to the force being used against them. This means that, generally, anyone can kill anyone else in self defense. As an antag, killing crew who are trying to kill you is very unlikely to be considered murderbone, regardless of how many crew are killed, including unintended deaths that are the direct result of an action taken in self defense. An example of "unintended deaths that are the direct result of an action taken in self defense" is people dying due to spacing caused by the antag to kill people attacking the antag. This clarification is explicitly limited to killings in self defense. Killing an unarmed crewmember who has taken no threatening actions is not self defense and is not covered in any way by this answer.
  17. Escalation rules are looser with animals than with people. Both sides can escalate much more rapidly than they'd be able to if both were people. Animals are often more limited in the maximum force they can use compared to people, which limits the negative effects of them rapidly escalating. Animals also typically have less health than people, and are limited in the ease with which they can get healing, which justifies them responding to even weak attacks more severely. Neither the animal nor the person is obligated to get the other medical attention if they are put into crit. The transition from crit to death is considered significant. While sufficient escalation may justify continuing to attack, generally people and pets shouldn't continue to be attacked once in crit, but non-pets may be. Gibbing is also considered significant because it prevents cloning or resuscitation, so similar restrictions apply. These exemptions do not apply to other people who involve themselves in the conflict. The fact that an animal made the last hit putting someone into crit does not allow people who fought on the side of the animal to not attempt to get them medical attention. The use of sensible, non-targeted mousetraps does not require escalation. The killing or attacking of pets can be treated as an escalation step by players with a genuine IC connection to the animal. Generally, all crew can consider themselves to have an IC connection to any station pets. The degree of escalation should be proportional to the connection to the pet, in addition to the usual requirement of being proportional to the attack. For example, an attack on Ian can be treated nearly identically to an attack on a crewmember, whereas an attack on a pet mouse is much less severe. Normal escalation limits still apply, you cannot attack people who defended themselves from an animal that randomly attacked them, just as you could not attack someone who defended themselves from a coworker that randomly attacked them. Crew can "adopt" non-pets, like mice, and consider themselves to have a connection to the animal if they roleplay the adoption well. This does not affect the requirement of whether other players are required to apply escalation rules to these animals, it only creates a connection that can be used to justify retaliatory escalation to attacks by the adopter. Simply saying that they've adopted an animal is not sufficient, but carrying it with them is. The degree of connection is proportional to IC actions. Crew cannot consider themselves to have a connection for escalation purposes to animals which are typically hostile, such as space carp or bears. Examples In all examples the people and animals are non-antags. Antagonists do not need to follow escalation rules. Allowed A chef kills mice who enter or approach their kitchen. A janitor kills mice roaming the station. A lizard kills a mouse to eat. A chef has carried a mouse around in their hat for the last 10 minutes, they put the mouse down for a moment and another player kills it. The chef responds by attacking the other player with their fists and refusing them service for the rest of the shift. Ian is randomly attacked, a crewmember who sees this happen crits the killer and brings them to security. Hamlet goes into the kitchen and starts eating all the food. A chef sees this and starts swinging their knife at Hamlet. Hamlet starts biting the chef and crits them, then resumes eating. Not Allowed A janitor throws an armed mousetrap at Hamlet for no reason. Hamlet starts biting random people, trying to crit them, for no reason. A crewmember attacks security for killing a space carp they adopted. Ian gibs someone who was trying to kill someone. Hamlet attacks security for trying to arrest someone he likes. Limitations On LRP, improper escalation against animals is very unlikely to be enforced unless the animal was a player or someone else in the round reports it, but not realizing the animal was a player or that someone would care they were killed/attacked won't be accepted as a justification for the action. Nothing in this is intended to limit, require, or address IC responses from security.
  18. Non-pets, such as mice and monkeys, can be freely killed with any IC reason such as pest control, or for food. These roles are often available in numbers as ghost roles, so removing one from the round doesn't typically remove them all. Pets, including but not limited to Ian, Renault, Remilia, and Hamlet, cannot be freely killed, they require escalation. These roles are often available once per round at most, with the exception of roles like Remilia. Permanently trapping an animal, such as putting a mouse in a plant, is considered similar to killing the animal so should only be done with an IC reason.
  19. Animal ghost roles are generally not antags unless specified in their role description. As non-antags, they are generally required to follow escalation rules. Certain roles, like Remilia or Cerberus, have special instructions that may allow them to act as antagonists in certain situations. Animals are permitted to do things like eat food, drinks, or pills, even at excessive amounts. Animals can also steal minor things, just as crew can.
  20. I have a pending ban appeal that might answer this question, but I really want a straight answer on it. If I feel a player is being abusive but in character have a good deal of authority how exactly should I handle it as to not be banned. If a HoS/captain is being very abusive IE hitting people at random or permaing people for very minor offences should I just put in an ahelp and accept the abuse or can I do something about it in character. I defended myself from what I thought was an abusive player and ate a week long ban for it. I appreciate that from an neutral point of view their conduct may not constitute abuse even though I really think it should. How should I deal with this in future especially if being actively hit and arrested.
  21. How long is one expected to play in a round before they are given leeway to abandon their role? Furthermore, are passengers held to higher or lesser standards in terms of leaving their roles mid-way through round? Are they expected to stay passengers, never ghost, and play the round out every single round? Is suiciding/ghosting after 5 minutes in and of itself antag rolling, or only when it's done in excess? Is there a limitation/quantifiable model for "antag rolling" or is it solely at the discretion of the observing admin?
  22. The rules only talk about being cloned
  23. For example, playing as hammy, everyone considers hammy to be KoS. Why is this allowed? If this is allowed, surely that means hammy is an antag role, therefore it can also be an asshole and hurt others for no reason? What about monkeys? Is it allowed for them to be killed for no reason? Why can't monkeys be assholes aswell?
  24. A lot of rounds ago i had captain kill me (hop) and cmo by baiting us and shooting us to death with their laser gun saying they could since "i am patient 0 so an antagonist", i was not even bit or anything to have a reason to be killed. It was like 10 mins into the round so i was forced to observe for the rest of the round. Now my question is, can you DO something like that? Do you really count as an antag and have leeway to do stuff like that?
  25. Recently, I was playing a game of Security during which the usual Syndie shenanigans of blowing up the station occurred. So I decided I should check their PDA because the station was exploding. An ahelp staff then approached me saying you don't "Have an IC reason to search their PDA". Which didn't really make sense to me, but I listened and haven't done so again but no one is giving me a clear answer and even people in the community don't know the answer to this question. I doesn't make sense to me why there is even a feature to "set your ringtone" if its against the rules to check if they have a ringtone, you can change it so you don't get caught. Is it against the rules to check earpieces for chips? Is it against the rules to assume Syndies with red suits are syndies? With Energy Swords? Fireaxes? What amount of "meta knowledge" is okay, what isn't? More over why do you even have a feature to hide the fact that they have a Syndicate PDA if we are not allowed to check it?
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